How to make American pancakes for your next breakfast?

American pancakes, pancakes or hot cakesstand out for being a thicker, lighter and fluffier preparation than the classic French pancakes to which we are more accustomed in these latitudes.

Typical breakfast of the kitchen of the United States, they are generally accompanied by Maple syruphoney or in this case I opted for something more traditional of ours and I put dulce de leche on them.

Would you like to have a breakfast like those you see in the movies? Try waking up earlier one morning, or on a weekend when we generally have more time, spending a little extra time making breakfast and having a family program, with a different menu.

pancakes with dulce de leche

You can have different toppings on hand to bathe them, as I mentioned before. Honey, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, red fruits, nuts, whatever you like best, so that everyone can prepare their own to their liking.

I am sharing this spectacular recipe for American pancakes below and I invite you to tag me in your posts (@federicogonzaleztalvi ) if you decide to make it.


Flour 360 grams
Salt 1 teaspoon
Baking powder 5 teaspoons
sugar 40 grams
Eggs 2 units
Milk 450 cubic centimeters
Butter 2 tablespoons
Dulce de leche, a lot!


pancakes with dulce de leche

Sift all the dry ingredients to avoid lumps. Mix the yolks together with the milk and melted butter.
On the other hand, beat the egg whites until snowy.

Mix the beaten egg and milk with the dry ingredients, until smooth, without lumps.

Finally they are going to add the whites beaten to snow with enveloping movements to prevent them from going down.

Cook on a Teflon pan with a little butter. When the pan is very hot, they are going to dump the dough with the help of a ladle, they are going to cook it for a few moments and then with the help of a spatula they are going to turn it around.

Serve hot, with dulce de leche.

*Tip: To melt the dulce de leche, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds in a suitable container.

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