How to make fertilizer for succulents with products that are in the home

How to make fertilizer for succulents with products that are in the home

At the time of having succulents In our home, it will be necessary to know that, although they are very easy to care for, it will be necessary to give them some attention so that they grow healthy and prosper with their maximum splendor.

One of the best ways to keep succulents in tip-top shape is to feed them properly with fertilizer or add nutrients to the soil. The interesting thing is that you can make your own payment for the succulents with products that are in the home.

In order for them to grow lush, it is suggested to water with fertilizer.

For that, it will be necessary to know what the succulents to grow and what are their basic nutrient needs. Being adapted to dry environments, they will only need the right nutrients to maintain healthy growth.

Fundamentally, the succulent plants You need a soil rich in organic matter, such as compost or aged manure. It is also advisable to prepare your substrate with good drainage, based on soil and perlite.

It is essential that they have good substrate and proper drainage.

Since they need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, there are some products that are essential. One of the fertilizers that can be made is a compost tea, which is a liquid made from compost or aged manure.

In this case, you will have to mix equal parts of compost and water and let it rest for several days. The longer you let the mixture sit, the more nutrients it will release into the liquid. Then, the mixture will have to be strained, diluted and used to water.

The tasks with the land are very important.

Coffee, egg and beans

Another of the remedies to fertilize the land of the succulents it is with what is left of the coffee, since they are an excellent source of nitrogen. You will have to mix coffee with water and let it rest for a few days. Once this period has passed, strain and water every two weeks.

Coffee remains are especially rich for succulents.

Eggshells can also be used to provide calcium. It will be necessary to place the shells in a blender, crush them until a powder is obtained and sprinkle the earth. You can also use the soaking water from the beans to water them.

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