How to put subtitles in InShot

How to put subtitles in InShot

InShot is a video and photo editor capable of mixing different media and applying different effects to your productions. One of the features available in the app is the subtitle function.

Applying the resource is a simple task and the platform offers a series of options to make subtitles more personalized and attractive in production. It is worth noting that the tips also apply to photos.

How to add caption in InShot

See below for a practical guide on how to add subtitles in InShot.

  1. With the application open, choose the desired media. To make the tutorial, the “Video” option was chosen. Just touch the icon to access it;
  2. Then select the media or media that will be used for editing. When finished, tap the confirmation button to move on;
  3. In the editing screen, you can see a small toolbar. Just touch the “T” icon, which means text;
  4. In the text box, write the caption and place it wherever you want on the screen;
  5. In the timeline below the toolbar, it is possible to add the subtitle at specific moments of the production, dragging the bar that represents the subtitle to the desired side.

customizing the caption

Now that you know how to insert subtitles in videos and photos in InShot, how about learning how to apply effects and make the material more eye-catching?

  1. In the already added text box, you can see a small pencil icon that represents the edits menu, so tap on it;
  2. Then a new menu will appear on the toolbar. In it, it is possible to have access to changing colors, fonts, alignment and animated effects;
  3. Customize the subtitle the way you want and finish by tapping the confirmation button.

Now you have no more excuses to post videos without subtitles on your favorite social network. Speaking of which, share this material with that person you know who needs a little help editing videos.

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