How to request a minor's travel authorization inside or outside the country?

How to request a minor’s travel authorization inside or outside the country?

The vacation period for school-age children has just begun and many parents are beginning to plan different activities to share with their children. Some choose to schedule trips within the country and others, prefer to choose a destination located outside of Peru.

For this reason, Renán Herrera, a lawyer from provides some guidelines to consider when it comes to traveling with minor children, especially if the parents are separated or divorced, or if you are in the situation of traveling within the country or if the minor child will travel abroad .

When the minor child travels to the interior of the country, basically, the father or mother traveling with the minor must bring their national identity document, the minor’s national identity document and the minor’s birth certificate, to demonstrate that there is a paternal or maternal filial relationship. Usually; transport companies can verify this data.

Traveling abroad with minor children

Regardless of the situation of the parents, that is, regardless of whether they are married or separated, a permit or authorization for a minor to travel abroad must be processed through a notary, which must be granted by the parent who is not making the trip, to thus demonstrate that both parents agree to the trip. The situation may occur that both parents issue this same authorization together, if the minor will travel with someone other than the parents.

If there is no possibility for the parents to agree to authorize the minor’s departure from the country, the parent interested in obtaining the permit must initiate the legal process for the minor’s travel authorization abroad; the same one that begins with a lawsuit in which said request is exposed.

As the specialist of This judicial process can take between 3 or 6 months at least, due to the great procedural burden that exists in our country and because said process has procedural stages that must be followed.

Although this is a non-contentious judicial process, since there is no issue in dispute or controversy, all the acts of the process are notified to both parties (applicant and the other parent) and sometimes, there are cases in which some of the parents oppose the requested authorization and this lengthens the process.

In addition; the family prosecutor must verify the suitability of the request and this also delays the process. For all this; it is recommended that the judicial petition be initiated several months in advance; even 12 months prior to the travel date or at the beginning of the year, in order to meet the expected deadlines and travel without problems.

What documents are needed to apply for travel authorization?

In the request for travel authorization, the minor’s birth certificate must be attached, certified by the corresponding registry (Foreign Certificate translated into Spanish) or their DNI, if possible; a copy of the applicant’s identity document (In the case of a foreigner: immigration card or passport), the court fee and three color photos of the minor, white background, passport size only in the case of courts that do not have SIJ ( Integrated Judicial System).

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