How to sell on Instagram in 2022?

Based on data from the MX Internet Association, Instagram It is the fourth social network with the most active users in Mexico, it has 30.6 million, it is preceded by WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube. Instagram belongs to Meta, the set of Mark Zuckerberg companies where they are Facebook, WhatsApp Y Messager.

It must be understood that even if the same person is present on different social networks or search engines such as Google or Bing, the moment in which each tool is used counts a lot in order to address it with advertising. Likewise, each social network has characteristics that distinguish it.

In general terms, advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram work well with products or services that are bought on impulse (clothes, makeup, accessories, pet products, streaming platforms, food delivery) or those that, due to their image, fall in love ( restaurants, resorts, real estate, furniture, decorative items). They are also useful for advertising products or services that people are not looking for.

The advertising that each person sees will depend on their tastes and browsing habits on the Internet, that constitutes the interests of the different audiences at the time of airing a campaign. In other words, it is part of segmentation or targeting.

What should you do to sell on Instagram?

The starting point is to have a professional Instagram account, since personal profiles, just like on Facebook, do not have access to setting up advertising campaigns.

The steps to convert an Instagram profile into a professional account are (you have to click or touch the following options on the screen):

1. Configuration

2. Account

3. Switch to professional account

4. Choose the line of business

Then you need to access Ads Manager known in English as Ads Manager. On Instagram and Facebook there are different marketing goals that can be achieved. Not all of them will represent a return on investment (ROI) and therefore your costs per click will also vary. From the Ads Manager it is possible to configure a campaign according to one of the following objectives:

  • Brand recognition
  • Scope
  • Traffic
  • Interaction
  • Installations or download of an application
  • video views
  • conversions
  • Sales of the catalog published on the social network

Advertising pieces (arts), whether images or video, must be of the highest quality and responsive so that they fit perfectly on cell phone screens.

Ad formats can be reels (short videos), stories (content that disappears within 24 hours of posting), videos shown between unpaid posts, images, or image carousels.

In a study conducted by Facebook on advertising campaigns, it was found that eight times higher conversions were generated among people who saw ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network compared to those who only saw them on Facebook. Therefore, it is advisable to select to show the ad(s) on multiple Meta platforms, not just Instagram.

It should be noted that Audience Network is one of Meta’s products, the main difference is that it shows ads outside of the Facebook, Messenger and Instagram platforms. Thanks to Audience Network, advertising will be seen on websites and/or apps.

Practical tips for selling on Instagram

  • Set a campaign budget and review daily spending to keep track.
  • When it comes to graphic design, there are very useful and easy-to-use tools online; one of them is Canva. There you can get many ideas to generate content to be published as a still image or video.
  • The copy or text of the ad must be 100% clear. Let’s not assume; It is better to start from the idea that the people who read it do not know anything about our product or service and we have to invite them to interact. At this point it is necessary to answer the questions: what need or desire does my product or service satisfy? what benefit would my customers have when buying it? What distinguishes me from the competition (price, quality, originality…)?

Using Ads Manager is easy. The challenge with advertising on Instagram is setting it up properly and at a reasonable price so that it delivers the expected results. If you do not have enough experience, it is advisable to hire a digital marketing professional.

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