How to study and earn money in Canada

Given the instability that we currently live in our country, many young people and adults are thinking of emigrating abroad to work or continue studying with the aim of having a better future for themselves and their families.

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Despite this, many Peruvians are discouraged from trying to go abroad, since they see the cumbersome visa process as an obstacle.

However, these inconveniences are over, as the ), it gives you facilities so you can go to study in Canada, and not only that, but you can also earn money and take your whole family to this North American country.

“We are one of the most important private universities in the city of Vancouver. We are focused on business and technologies. We seek to motivate education in Canada and we focus on the efforts that Latin American students can fulfill their dream of going to study our higher education programs in our field in Vancouver. We have two camps in the city and in both we have students of different cultures and nationalities ”, stated Gabriela de la O, director of the .

Are you interested in studying in Canada? Trome spoke with the director of University Canada West to tell us how to alternate your studies and be able to earn money simultaneously.

The scholarships and facilities they give

“Our programs are both undergraduate like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Communication, and a program called Associate of Arts, like our flagship MBA program. We are giving scholarships called “Scholarships of the Americas” for Latin American students that have a preferential cost whenever they start their studies in 2022. It is focused on Peruvian students, since we know that there are many talents and that perhaps the educational opportunities are not. have been the best or looking to have experience abroad. We have four start dates per year which are: January, April, July and October ”, added Gabriela de la O.


“We work with educational agencies, and they help us throughout their process so that students can make their trip in the best way. It is not only the university application, but the visa application, etc. Regarding the undergraduate program, once they finish college they must present us their study certificates in Spanish and officially translated into English. In addition, they must present the subjects that each of the semesters they took in school together with their grades. Additionally, they must share the copy of the passport and must have an intermediate-advanced level of English. We know that in general in Latin America, some students do not have the expected level of English, but we have a complementary English program before they start their higher education studies so that they can catch up. SCC Canada is one of the agencies that helps students to see all the documentation, and to see the program that best matches their profile and it is really very simple. And in Postgraduate the documentation is similar and since it is a master’s degree, you would need the certificates of the degree that you have studied, in addition, your curriculum in English, and a letter also in that same language ”, he commented.

Ojo, Gabriela de la O, director of University Canada West (UCW) emphasizes that students have the opportunity to work while they are in Canada. “Your study permit gives you the opportunity to work part-time, which is 20 hours a week,” he tells us.

“Canada gives you the facility that if you have a family, it gives everyone a visa to travel and the company SCC Canada helps you with the requirements you need. The main thing is that you study in Canada, and that is why it is done with the agreement with University Canada Wes. In addition, our programs are eligible for the post graduate work permit, which is a permit that Canada gives you so that you can stay for three more years and they can now apply for a residency ”, he added.

How is life in Canada?

To give you an idea, Canada is considered the best country for an international destination and specifically the city of Vancouver has the great advantage that it is the most multicultural city, since more than 53% of the population are from another country and many job opportunities. “The university has a career department that helps us promote in companies that have vacancies and some of the companies where our students have been hired are: Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, to name a few,” stated Gabriela O.

Finally, life in Canada is very calm and safe. In addition, it is one of the top cities in the world for growth in entrepreneurship. Vancouver is a tolerant city and is very close to nature.


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