How to take care of yourself during the first three months of pregnancy? Expert provides 5 key tips

One of the most awaited news for many women is the arrival of a baby Given this, expectant mothers seek support of health personnel, well the The first months are usually the most delicate and busier in front of the different changes that exist in our bodies and lives.

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“Although people think that pregnancy is a natural process, there are key moments that require timely care, for example the first three months of pregnancy; The evidence is very strong on this. avoiding infections, anemia, inadequate practices (tobacco and alcohol) can be key to avoiding prematurity and low birth weight children”, mentions Rommy Ríos, Manager of the Baltazar y Nicolás Foundation.

The specialist adds that this is unknown by many people, being necessary inform, educate and accompany mothers and fathers, in the challenging task of achieving a healthy pregnancy and birth, which is the fundamental basis for the development of healthy, safe, happy and intelligent girls and boys.

Therefore, Ríos offers four tips that mothers should consider during the first three months of pregnancy:

Attend prenatal care or check-ups

It is important that at first suspicion of pregnancy, go quickly to the health facility, first to confirm if you are pregnant and second to start monitoring your pregnancy.

Perform laboratory tests

Urinalysis is essential to detect a urinary tract infection. Like the blood test needed to detect other infections and prevent anemia; problems that detected in time, allow a treatment that avoids major complications.

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Start Micronutrient Supplementation

Micronutrients like iron, folic acid and calcium are essential for maintaining good health in the mother and ensure the nutrients that the developing baby needs.

A timely start of the same, will allow avoid anemia, neural tube defects and problems in childbirth care respectively.

Carry out healthy practices

The diet of the pregnant woman increasing foods of animal origin rich in iron (little blood, liver, meat, fish, among others); the physical activity such as walking 30 minutes a day; Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption, they will be essential in the first weeks of pregnancy and that they are maintained even after the baby is born.

Avoid stress and prevent violence

excess of stress or situations that generate it hormonal changes that affect the development of the baby’s brain and affect the mother psychologically.


Prenatal care is essential to preserve the health of the mother and the baby during pregnancy, and should ideally start as early as possible, so that the pregnant woman can receive the package of key interventions, which ensure a healthy birth of girls and boys.

Given the importance of having a healthy pregnancy in all aspects, the Baltazar y Nicolás Foundation, through its My First Three project, has been promoting the campaign “Healthy mom, healthy baby”, which seeks to ensure that a greater number of pregnant women attend to your prenatal checkups.


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