How to transfer and redeem Ame cashback

Ame cashback has become one of the most popular payment methods on some retail sites on the internet. However, the following question may still arise: how to transfer and redeem Ame cashback to a bank account?

To answer this and other questions, see below how to transfer and redeem Ame cashback at participating stores. Also learn how to get Ame cashback, if the value expires and which products can benefit from the feature.

1. Can I transfer Ame’s cashback to my bank account?

Not. The balance generated by Ame’s cashback can only be used for purchases, recharges, transfers between Ame accounts and other payments at partner stores, or in Ame’s own app for Android and iPhone (iOS) to pay bills. It is not yet possible to transfer Ame cashback to bank accounts, nor to withdraw cash.

2. Does the Ame cashback expire?

Not. This means that you can accumulate cashback indefinitely and use it whenever you want. This practice can be ideal if you prefer to use Ame cashback to make a larger purchase.

Ame Digital: it is not yet possible to transfer Ame cashback to bank accounts (Assembly: Canaltech)

3. Do all products offer cashback?

Not. This information is visible on the product screen or highlighted in the physical establishment. It will depend on whether each store offers eligible products for Ame cashback. Remembering that the cashback offer, as well as the percentage of the amount that will be returned, is the responsibility of the participating stores, not Ame.

4. Where to get cashback Ame

To get cashback from Ame, simply go to a participating store’s website and check if the product in question offers a cashback option. You will see this information highlighted on the product icon and on the object’s main page.

The same goes for physical establishments: it will possibly have a sticker indicating that the place has cashback Ame. Then, just use the Ame app on your cell phone to read the machine’s QR Code. The system is compatible with Cielo and Getnet terminals.

Below, see some partner stores that provide Ame cashback. The list was consulted in August 2022, and may change at any time, without prior notice from the stores.

  • maple;
  • Americanas (physical and online stores);

  • Electrolux;
  • Imaginarium;
  • join;
  • Motorola;
  • Multi (formerly Multilaser);
  • Nourish;
  • Philco;
  • Petrobras, BR Mania and Lubrax+ stations;
  • Shopclub;
  • Shoptime;
  • I’m Cheap;
  • Submarine.

How to redeem Ame cashback

  1. Download the Ame Digital app for Android or iPhone and create your account;
  2. Access the website of a partner store, such as Shoptime, Submarino, Americanas, among others;
  3. Locate the product you want to buy using cashback;
  4. On the product’s main screen, check for the cashback option, just below the product price;
  5. Click on the “Buy with Ame” button. Or go to the payment options section and select “Love”;
  6. Open the Ame app on your cell phone to read the QR Code on the product page;
  7. Proceed to payment to finalize.
Access payment options to view and redeem Ame cashback (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

When you pay for your purchase using Ame, you will receive part of the cashback payment amount back. The balance is available on the Ame app for redemption at participating stores.

Can I redeem only part of the cashback?

Yup. Cashback balance does not need to be used once.

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