How to unsend an email in Outlook?

Like Gmail, Outlook has an option to hold an email for a few seconds before sending it. A good way to catch up at the last moment if you ever notice a mistake.

This is a feature that exists on Gmail, and also on Outlook if you use this email provider. In the service settings, it is possible to set a timeout period before any mail is actually sent. This way, you create a safety net that allows you to cancel everything if you notice a problem.

If you use another email provider, there are also guides to using your mailbox more efficiently. You have tips for ProtonMail for example, but also for Gmail, such as putting an acknowledgment of receipt, scheduling the sending of an email, using several signatures and so on.

How to “recall” an email in Outlook is the messaging system for people whose emails consist of domains such as,, and, as well as their local variations (such as or @live .Fr). Although less used than Gmail, it has all the common features, including “catch up” sending.

cancel outlook email
In the orange boxes, the path to follow to find the option on Outlook. // Source: Screenshot
  • Visit the site ;
  • Log in to your account if you are offline;
  • Click at the top right of the screen on the cogwheel icon;
  • Then click at the very bottom on “Display all Outlook settings”;
  • Go to “Mail” then “Compose and reply” in the side columns;
  • Scroll down to the “Cancel Send” section;
  • Choose the timeout, 5 or 10 seconds;
  • Validate with the blue “Save” button.

That’s all !

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