How to view the PicPay card bill through the app?

THE PicPay is a platform that accepts online payment, which was created in 2012, in Espírito Santo. In short, the digital wallet aims to bring simple solutions to the financial sector. This is said, because it offers quick and safe solutions to its users, such as the possibility of making payments via QR Code.

In order to increase its participation and attract more people, the company introduced the P2P payment option (person-to-person payment) in 2013. In this way, users could search for the name of the friend who would earn the money and send instantly. And best of all, there are no transaction costs.

So, if you want to take control of your finances and still want to plan your future expenses, you can view your account in various banking applications. That way, you can understand your expenses and get organized to pay the bill. In view of this, check out below, how to open and view your PicPay card invoice information in the application.

How to view the PicPay card bill through the app?

See how to view your PicPay card bill through the app
See how to view your PicPay card bill through the app

Below, check out the main way to check your bill, whether on your credit card or on purchases made through PicPay.

  1. Open the PicPay app;
  2. Then click on the “Portfolio“, which is located in the lower menu, next to the larger “Pay“;
  3. After that, in the section “my cards“, it is necessary to choose which PicPay Card you want to consult. If you only have one, it will be the only one available. Tap on it;
  4. Soon after, you will be able to see your current invoice. However, if you want to check out the ones released so far, tap on the “all invoices” which is located in the “services“;
  5. Finally, you will have access to your invoice in the PicPay app. In this section, the user can also see the invoices for the last months.

Main questions and answers

1) I found a purchase on my invoice that I did not make. What to do?

In short, the company asks the user to gather all the information and contact PicPay Central. The contact number is (11) 4003 3939.

2) How long does PicPay take to pay me a chargeback?

If it is a national purchase, the company says it takes up to 10 business days. Furthermore, for international purchases, the deadline is the same. However, if there is any tax that has to be collected, the amount cannot be reversed.

3) What should you do if you can’t generate the invoice?

When the due date approaches, and the customer has not paid the invoice, PicPay sends an email with the invoice, and the respective slip. So, there’s no need to worry.

4) How long does the system take to clear the invoice payment?

If you have made the payment through the application of a bank, digital wallet, means of payment, lottery, banks or other banking correspondents, the system takes up to 3 business days to make the clearing. On the other hand, if you used your PicPay wallet balance, the deadline is up to 1 business day.

In short, the best tip for this is to frequently follow the application, as it is easy to forget to see your PicPay invoice in the rush of everyday life. That is, did you make a purchase with the card? It is possible to check and control it, so that you can plan and make sure you are not exaggerating.

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