Huachicoleo of water will be punished with 8 years in prison in Edomex

Unanimously, the Congress of the State of Mexicoapproved amending the state criminal code to classify as a crime the illegal extraction or the “huachicoleo” of drinking waterwhich will be punished with eight years in prison and fines that exceed 20 thousand pesos.

In this way, the entity will link people who commit this crime and distribute it without the permission of state or municipal authorities, they will be punished. In recent years there has been an increase in this action, mainly in the municipalities of Naucalpan, Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla.

This initiative was promoted by the Morena bench, as some deputies have reported the rupture of drinking water pipelines and so far there has been no punishment.

previously in The Truth News we announced that this crime had 36 hours of arrest in Ecatepec.

Punishments against huachicoleo de agua

Huachicoleo of water will be punished with 8 years in prison in Edomex

This crime is increasingly practiced in Mexico

This reform establishes punishments against those who illegally extract the liquid in tankers or other means of storage without legal authorization, with an economic objective. He will be sanctioned with prison sentences of two to six years and with fines of 50 to 200 UMA, which translates to 4,811 and 19,244 pesos.

For those who distribute drinking water and extract it in a different way than the one that is authorized, they will face from one to three years in prison from 2,405 pesos to 9,622 pesos, in addition to the years in prison.

Said reform provides that public servants dedicated to the supervision, control or management of sources, participate in or facilitate the commission of said crime, will also face punishment.

The authorities have indicated that this is a millionaire business in Edomexbecause more and more people carry it out.

Why is there no water in Ecatepec 2022?

The water cut was a consequence of a correction of a failure in the delivery and measurement of flows, in the derivation of the Ecatepec Aqueduct.

As shocking as it sounds, a fight has begun in Mexico against the loss of drinking water, as some areas are in total shortage.

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