Huachicolero leader falls in Hidalgo and Querétaro

Abel Barajas / Reform Agency

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | 18:43

Mexico City.— Federal and state authorities captured Salvador “El Rex” in Mexico City, an alleged “huachicolero” leader in Hidalgo and Querétaro involved in the attack on the National Guard last March in San Juan del Río, in which a agent.

The Financial Intelligence Unit reported that the suspect was executed an arrest warrant issued last April and that this afternoon he will be made available to the judge in the case, so that the Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office can formulate the accusation.

He indicated that the capture of “El Rex” is the product of a joint investigation between the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination, the National Intelligence Center, the Querétaro and Hidalgo Prosecutors, the Secretary of the Navy and the UIF itself.

According to the agency, “El Rex” is credited with having participated in the attack on National Guard agents, during an operation to seal a clandestine hydrocarbon intake in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, last March.

The balance of the assault was from a deceased member of the corporation.

The detainee is originally from Hidalgo and, according to the authorities, his criminal group controls drug dealing, theft of hydrocarbons and theft of motor transport both in that state and in Querétaro.

The FIU launched an investigation against him and determined to block his bank accounts.

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