Huachipato will receive D. Antofagasta for the date 26

After the victory obtained the previous day, the visiting team wants to maintain the enthusiasm of its supporters. The local needs to add three again after their defeat in the last game.

Huachipato does not want to regret another fall: 0-2 ended his match against Colo Colo. In the 4 previous days, his results were varied: he lost 2 and 2 were tied.

D. Antofagasta arrives with a mental clean and jerk after beating Melipilla 1-0. In the last dates it obtained 2 defeats and 2 draws.

Huachipato and Antofagasta will be measured tomorrow at 12:30. The match corresponding to the date 26 of Chile – PlanVital 2021 Championship will be held at the Huachipato-CAP Acero stadium.

The last 5 times they met in the tournament they had all the possible results. The local team accumulated 2 victories, while the visit added 2. In 1 match they ended up even on the scoreboard.

The local is in 15th place with 23 points and 4 wins, while the visitor reached 32 units and is placed in ninth place in the tournament.

Note and Image Source: DataFactory

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