Huawei’s notebook computer retail sales in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 47% month-on-month, becoming a dark horse in the PC market in the first half of 2022

According to data from GFK Market Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. (GFK), the quarterly sales volume of China’s notebook computer retail market in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 6% year-on-year and decreased by 7% month-on-month, while the overall situation of China’s notebook computer market fell month-on-month However, Huawei’s notebook computers have grown against the trend, achieving a 44% year-on-year increase in retail market sales in the first quarter of 2022 and a 47% month-on-month increase.

Among them, in the thin and light notebook retail market, the quarter-on-quarter growth rate of Huawei’s notebook computer share in Q1 in 2022 will be 59%, reaching 18.6%, and the share of the 5K+ price segment will increase to 28.7%. .

Innovation and Professionalism Constructing Huawei’s notebook computer contrarian upward source of power

In the first quarter of 2022, China’s notebook computer retail market, on the one hand, the notebook computer market fell by 7% month-on-month, and on the other hand, Huawei notebook computers bucked the trend and rose by 47%, forming a sharp contrast between “down” and “up”. Behind it is the change of user needs.

The birth of notebook computers carries the mission of human beings to transform from traditional office to information office. As an individual, the breakthrough in the thinness and lightness of a single notebook computer and the substantial improvement in performance have certainly improved the efficiency of office work, but with the advent of the Internet of Everything era, the rise of remote office and hybrid office, the carrier of information is no longer just a computer, but also a computer. It is more diversified, and the needs of users are also changing quietly. While improving the individual quality of notebook computers, people need faster information flow and more efficient intelligent interactive experience in the office process. The era of smart office is coming. As a new force in the PC market, Huawei is the first brand to open the door to the era of smart office and let consumers feel the charm of smart office.

From Huawei’s point of view, laptops are an independent end and a C-bit product for Huawei’s “smart office” scenario. Since its birth 6 years ago, Huawei MateBook series laptops have always adhered to the three DNAs of “aesthetic design, innovative technology, and smart experience”. In just a few years, they have occupied the TOP2 market share in China’s PC market and entered the first echelon of the notebook market. Last year, it was even more so. Recognized by the brand rating authority Chnbrand, it has become the NO.1 brand in the notebook industry in the 2021 China Customer Satisfaction Index (C-CSI) brand ranking. This is also after Huawei topped the China Customer Recommendation Index (C-NPS) list at the beginning of last year, and once again won the top spot in the notebook industry. As the leader of the PC industry’s intellectualization, Huawei has not only won the reputation of more consumers with its excellent products, but also continuously injected new vitality into the PC industry, boosting the development of #third-generation mobile office#.

After entering the field of thin and light, with the advanced experience and technical reserves accumulated in the field of mobile phones and tablets, Huawei has become the pioneer of full-screen design in the notebook computer industry. In addition to high screen-to-body ratio and narrow bezels, Huawei’s laptop screens have also achieved the industry’s leading level in terms of color rendering, brightness, and contrast. 3:2 screen ratio, high screen ratio, professional monitor color correction scheme 3D Lut, color correction one by one, more realistic color reproduction, and what you see is true.

“Make a computer with mobile phone thinking”. The experience of making mobile phones has always been a valuable asset of Huawei terminals. The rich product line and R&D strength of Huawei terminals also endow Huawei notebooks with unique innovation capabilities. Drawing on the heat dissipation technology of Huawei mobile phone motherboards, the motherboard is made smaller, leaving more space for heat dissipation; the innovative Free Touch pressure trackpad on Windows laptops, multi-touch full screen, convenient and fast fingerprint power button, and Huawei Mate The series of mobile phones have the same ultrasonic control (AI gestures in the air), and the intelligent interaction of software and hardware brings an efficient and convenient touch experience; Huawei notebooks under the blessing of HUAWEI SOUND bring immersive sound effects and noise reduction functions; as a communication industry leader For the top players, Huawei has designed a new Huawei Metaline antenna on notebooks, allowing users to enjoy high-speed and stable wireless networks.

From the MateBook X, which is smaller than A4 paper, as light as 1kg, and only 13.6mm in thickness, to the fashionable colors such as Qingshan Dai, Emerald Green, Sakura Pink, and Spruce Green used in different series, combining the best of the best High-quality metal body texture, excellent processing technology, and rigorous quality testing, Huawei notebook computers have continuously pushed the aesthetic design of the notebook computer industry and the quality of notebook computers to new heights, and built their own brand logo.

The “consumer-centric” high-quality experience brought about by continuous innovation has won the recognition of the majority of users for Huawei’s MateBook series laptops, which has bucked the trend.

Wisdom in the Hybrid Office EraC becomes a productivity toolpreferred

The contrast of the market and the change of user demand also represent that the notebook computer industry has entered an “inflection point” for forward development. The demand for diversified mixed office represented by light office and mobile office is further manifested. Work is no longer concentrated in fixed office spaces. Family living rooms, cafes and even parks and squares can become office spaces. Communication that used to be done across several workstations now relies more on text, voice and video, and more frequent multi-device connections.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, the new track of smart office and smart PC has gradually taken shape. “Free creation, unbounded communication” has always been the development vision of Huawei’s smart office. Huawei hopes to bring consumers a smart experience of device collaboration and ecological integration through the combination of software and hardware, helping people to create freely, communicate without boundaries, and fully release creativity. Power and communication skills, improve office efficiency. On the other hand, Huawei laptops have evolved from one-touch transmission, to multi-screen collaboration, to hyperterminal, to Lexiang mobile APP, opening the computer to “play with mobile phones”, and to smart conference scenarios, AI sound effects provide quiet space calls, pure vocals, and high fidelity. Mode and other characteristics and the three unique functions of shadow movement, virtual background, and natural eye-to-eye brought by AI smart eyes, targeted solutions to mixed office pain points and scene needs. Huawei brings users a new smart office experience with convenient device connection, seamless data transfer, cross-device operation, task succession, hardware capability sharing, and cross-system application.

Huawei PC has never stopped innovating. Through accurate insight and in-depth understanding of PC users, it has become a practitioner of cutting-edge PC technology and innovative experience. Huawei PC is a fashion and companion for walking with you. With its simple appearance, powerful performance, high-quality screen and smart capabilities, it creates an immersive field of vision that continues to break through, as well as a lighter, more portable, smoother, more efficient, and smarter collaboration experience, bringing a trend of thin and light notebooks; Huawei is the forerunner of full-screen PCs. It continues to explore and promote the evolution of screens in the industry, so that a screen has more possibilities when it is turned on. High screen-to-body ratio and 3:2 touch screen bring a wider field of vision and a screen experience that can achieve higher productivity; Huawei is one of the first brands to realize the integrated experience of Windows and mobile devices, and multi-screen collaboration is opened from the bottom of the system Windows and mobile devices have set off a wave of device collaboration; Huawei is a notebook with an excellent touch experience in the Windows camp: HUAWEI Free Touch brings a responsive and smooth touch experience to Windows notebooks, and enables the “all-in-one” Windows camp on Huawei MateBook X notebooks. “Regional press” experience; Huawei is the world’s first brand equipped with a PC fingerprint power button: inheriting the classic design of Huawei mobile phones, one-click opening is wonderful. Huawei took the lead in launching the mobile application engine, which installed mobile apps into Huawei notebooks to realize the terminal integration experience of opening the computer and “playing with mobile phones”.

Recently, Huawei’s new professional large-screen high-performance thin and light notebook, Huawei MateBook 16s i9 version has also been officially launched on June 17, 2022. In the future, the innovative power of Huawei PC will be further released, and Huawei notebook computers will make more users feel To the charm of smart office, going against the trend is just the beginning. Times are changing, Huawei’s smart office is constantly evolving, and Huawei’s notebook computers will continue to move forward, constantly bringing surprises to users and helping the rapid transformation of the notebook computer industry. Huawei’s PC development model of “intelligence + professionalism” will bring broader development prospects to the PC industry, continue to expand the PC intelligence track, and promote PCs to become a more practical productivity tool in the era of highly matched hybrid offices.

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