Hug to the school that suffered a fire

Hug to the school that suffered a fire

The hug took place yesterday afternoon to “defend the school”/ g. nail it down

Middle School 22, 520 and 138, does not stop suffering vandalism attacks. The last one occurred last long weekend, with a fire that destroyed several sectors. Yesterday, the educational community held a symbolic hug asking for security measures. As it was possible to know, in the remainder of the school year the students will rotate to attend classes in order to use the spaces that were left standing.

The school has a sad record of vandalism attacks, of varying magnitude, in the last decade. But they assure that the latter was the “worst of all”.

According to Juan Pablo Dagnino, a teacher at the establishment, the next step that the educational community is going to take is a mobilization to the school council, next week.

Other teachers and members of the educational community highlighted yesterday that they had already asked the school council for help with security measures.

They will also make a similar move before the Infrastructure of the province of Buenos Aires to expedite the completion of the recovery work of the educational establishment in the shortest possible time.

In school 22, the fire on Monday -a holiday- affected the Directorate and two preceptories, it was verified that no shortages had been registered.

Apparently, finding nothing of value, the individuals who entered the establishment during the last day of the long holiday decided to start the fire, which required strong intervention by the region’s firefighters to control it. In any case, in the educational community they pointed out that “it is one of the worst attacks that the school suffered.”

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