Huge Courteous to save the Chieftain’s bow!

Colo Colo the ball began to yield in the middle of the court which led to the Everton to have a greater role in these first minutes of the game. Instance for which the cast gold and sky would have one of the most important of the game before the first half hour.

An instance by which the Evertonian midfielder Rodrigo Echeverría would lead the first arrival of danger in the box of the fifth region. The footballer dared with a distance shot to surprise Brayan Cortes.

It was in this part of the game where the Cacique goalkeeper brought out all his footballing power at stake, who with an incredible stretch managed to get and clear the ball on one side of the goal to send it to the corner kick.

Good action from Brayan Cortés, who was starting to get a plate from one of the good players of the white cast in these first minutes of the game.

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