Huge leak for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: between weapons, setting and bosses

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is expected on PC and console PlayStation And Xbox in the course of 2023, but many details on the promising third-person Action signed Team Ninja they are already emerging on a regular basis. In particular, the gameplay of the work was at the center of a big leak that could have revealed further features.

The leak started from the forum of 4chan and then bounced on other portals such as Reddit and, therefore, it must necessarily be taken with pliers. Of the official for now we know that Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be a challenging game, but should the leak prove to be true too, there would still be many interesting details about the game to be discovered, related not only to the combat systembut also to the defensive one, to morality and to jumps.

First of all, the combat system revolves around five elements (wood, water, fire, earth and metal) which will lead to a different fighting style on the battlefield. For example, the element of fire is linked to an aggressive approach to confrontations, while the earth favors a more defensive style while the water focuses on counterattacks. These styles can be changed at specific times, and will affect the moral of the protagonist.

Speaking of the latter, the morale of our character directly affects battles: the higher it is, the more likely you are to use special abilities and triumph in combat, scaring your enemies and making them easier to defeat as a result. Similar speech also for the bosses, although in this case it will be necessary to have reached a high level of morale to simplify the fight. The status of the protagonist also affects the defence, which works very smoothly allowing you to easily interrupt an attack to quickly switch to a defensive posture. Furthermore, each type of weapon will have its own counterattack, with the ability to instantly eliminate enemies. Yet, you can jump not only to dodge enemy shots, but also to do great damage from above.

In terms of story and scenarios, the first three acts of the adventure will be about the rebellion of the Turbans Yellows, i ten Commanders and the campaign against Dong Zhuo. You will be able to face several historical characters such as Zhang Jue (who appears in the game trailer), but also Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo himself, Zhang Rang, Hua Xiong, Li Jue & Guo Si (double boss fight), as well as Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as minor bosses. In addition to the presence of different creatures of Chinese mythology to face, the defeated human bosses will leave special weapons and equipment, while the demonic bosses spells and special abilities.

Finally, a vast arsenal of weapons which includes swords, double swords, spears, hammers, maces, shields, daggers and much more. Also present are the bows, which will have their own skill system, while the loot will also be present in Wo Long, although simplified compared to Nioh.

It is now necessary to find out how much truth there is in the huge leak that appeared on the net, with Team Ninja that in the coming months will reveal further details on the contents of its intriguing Action. It was also previously revealed that a trial version of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty would be in the works, although it has not yet been confirmed when it should be available.

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