Hugo González in a tailspin against Emiliano Vecchio

The confession of Emiliano Vecchio recognizing that he did not play at his highest level in the last match of the 2013 tournament where Colo Colo lost by the minimum account before Spanish Union and that in the end, it meant that Hispanics were proclaimed champions, they continue to make people talk.

The Cacique’s coach at that time was Hugo Gonzalez, who in conversation with RedGol He threw everything against “Fat” Vecchio for his statements and assured that they are clearly his responsibility.

It is his theme. There is no other substantive subject in which he speaks here. And he didn’t say it that way, he said it in a jocular tone. He wanted us to win Union, it seems. But there no one noticed. Who will agree to play backwards“said González, one of the main trainers of Arturo Vidal.

“I was in internship and I am trained and raised in Colo Colo. It does not matter to me, I want the team to win. Obviously those who know me, know how I am and that I want to win even when I am wrong. But a situation like Emiliano said, let him take charge of the words he said, because it muddies all of us who were there at that time“, complemented the technician.

What’s more, González hopes that Vecchio will clarify his words. “I think there will be a replica of him, in that sense. He’s going to make it known that he didn’t say it in that tone. If they almost put the words in his mouth: ‘Ah, then the corners were a bit out of date.’

“What Vecchio wanted was something else: for Unión to win. But from there to shoot for the tail, no. He would not have played. He would have left or he would have been injured, or something like that. But I believe in people , I know they are professionals and I do not doubt that if I had had the chance to score a goal, I would have done it the same way. The issue is not there, “he added.

Finally, he concluded that “he has to take charge of his words. We wanted to win and win all the games. In the First Division, you have to win all the games. Ties do not work, especially in Colo Colo.”

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