Hugs to recharge energy: the intimacy of the reunion between the Argentine players and their families

The false step in the debut of Qatar 2022 was a hard slap -unexpected- due to the current situation of the Argentine National Team. The defeat against Saudi Arabia in the first game of the World Cup hit very hard within the Albiceleste squad and despite the strong self-criticism that came down from the referents, the open wound is still felt, with a thirst for revenge.

In this context, today the footballers, headed by coach Lionel Scaloni, went back to work on the grounds of the University of Qatar with the clear objective of changing the chip. Argentina was left without a margin of error for the matches against Mexico and Poland, which they equalized yesterday.

After the aforementioned training session, perhaps the most important moment of this week for the players occurred: the reunion with the relatives the day after the defeat.

Most of the footballers’ relatives are staying in Doha and experience the World Cup very closely and today was a key day to get closer to them and recharge their batteries, looking for the emotional blow that -always- gives a plus more in this type of competition.

reunion details

They were a couple of hours of containment, mental clearance and energy recharge. The only time that was lost in the conclave was the transfer from the entrance to the area where the delegation is staying. Everyone was able to get the most out of the meeting through the affective and emotional aspects. A hug, a kiss, words of encouragement lasted in that moment.

Some just saw their relatives for the first time, for which emotion reigned and they even let go to take a photo or selfie that was not published on social networks.

In this way, the members of the selected team were able to receive the support of their inner circle at a key moment after the coup in their debut.

As for practice, logically, most of the starters were not on the field. They did light gym chores. The only ones who appeared on the scene before the cameras, due to the time that FIFA forces the teams to grant so that they can access the media, were those who did not come out from the start against Saudi Arabia. Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel watched each movement from afar, chatting, thinking of alternatives to definitively recover the group for the big clash next Saturday with Mexico.

Beyond the 1-2 against the Arabs, Argentina still depends on itself and will qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup if they win the next two games (this Saturday against Mexico, in lusailand on Wednesday 11/30 against Poland, at the stadium 947).

Photo // Lautaro Martínez with his daughter and his wife at the selected team’s property

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