"Human shit" : Isabelle Adjani denounces the behavior of certain directors

This Wednesday, June 22, Isabelle Adjani was on the set of Daily to talk about his latest film, peter von kant. The actress took advantage of her time on television to look back on her career and the bad people she has encountered over the years.

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Isabelle Adjani is one of those public figures who intimidate, impress and inspire. Discreet and mysterious, the one who shines so much in cinema, theater and television was passing through this Wednesday, June 22 on the set of Daily. The actress who won the César for Best Actress five times (a record!) was alongside director François Ozon to talk about the feature film peter von kant, which takes a close interest in this famous successful director. On the TMC set, Yann Barthès picks up one of Isabelle Adjani’s lines spoken in this film which will be released in theaters on July 6: “Great filmmaker, but human sh*t”. The journalist then asks her if she has known many “human sh*t“during his career.

“Il can do things to you that are not human

The years pass but Isabelle Adjani loses none of her sense of humor: No… It can happen that there is a little human deficiency, let’s say, in a director, she answers the presenter. But if she considers, and fortunately, that she has never experienced what many women denounce today, she remains very aware of the problem. “From the moment he takes himself for demiurge, he can do things to you that are not humanforgetting himself that he is a human being who works with other human beings“, regrets the star of the film Queen Margot.

According to Isabelle Adjani, the situation is changing

But Isabelle Adjani is convinced that thanks to the #MeToo movement, widely followed by many actresses in the field, things can change. “I think there will be a form of distancing so that a real and benevolent closeness can continue to exist between a director and an actress.“, she explains. The actress also believes that changes are already notable: “I think that the directors are all the same a little bit alerted by the difficulty that could arise in insisting in a hegemonic way.

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