Human Target: an anthological one-shot is coming

There DC Comics announced that Human Targetthe raw story written in the wake of classic crime noir stories told by critically acclaimed bestselling creators Tom King And Greg Smallwoodwill receive a new on-shot titled Tales of the Human Target. Great news for fans of the series on hiatus until September 20 after the release of two months ago Human Target # 6.

Human Target: the new anthological one-shot

Set before Christopher Chance’s poisoning, the anthological one-shot is written by Tom King and will see the participation of artists Mikel Janín, Rafael Albuquerque, Kevin Maguire and the artist of Human Target Greg Smallwood.

This is the synopsis:

In this one-shot anthology, Christopher Chance “teams up” with members of Justice League International – some of whom are already significantly involved in this story – in four interrelated mysteries, and one of them may be responsible for the poison that made the Human Target live with time counted. This 48-page issue features an incredible main cover created by the artist from the Smallwood series, reminiscent of hard-boiled crime novels of the 1960s and 1970s.

In addition to the original cover, the comic also features a variant cover created by David Marquez and a variant cover in a 1 to 25 ratio by Batman artist Jorge Jiménez:

Tales of the Human Target Tales of the Human Target Tales of the Human Target

When it comes out Tales of the Human Target? August 23.

For fans who have missed out on individual issues of the series and want to recover it all at once it will also come out The Human Target Book One which collects the first six issues of the Tom King and Greg Smallwood series.

At the end of last year Tom King said:

“What Giffen and DeMatteis put into these characters makes them all feel very distinctive. They all look very real. When you picture them in your head, you see Kevin Maguire’s face looking at you. They are very easy and fun to write. The thing I most love to do in comics is to take silly ideas seriously and find their depth, and this concept was present throughout the comic: the idea that these silly little flaws that are implanted in these characters actually show a heart and a real depth. For example, what I have written on Booster, on why it’s good. Human Target expressed this thought: “Booster is a joke. He always makes mistakes, but he doesn’t hide them. It shows itself. He is himself. Booster is Booster. Yes, it’s a joke, but they all are. At least Booster is fun ”. This kind of thing is incredibly fun to do. These characters have such potential: each of them could launch their own series ”.

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