Humberto Sichel reacted to a special greeting from Dr. Ugarte

“Hey doctor, Humberto Andrés told me, you know they didn’t call me like that … nor did my mother, from school days, who didn’t tell me by both names,” were some of the journalist’s words.

During the day of this Tuesday, in Contigo en Directo they analyzed the figures with specialists, addressing in passing how much the third dose has helped in the effectiveness of the vaccine, given the increase in active cases in the country.

It should be noted that this Tuesday, the Minsal reported 634 new cases of Covid-19, with a positivity of 2.09% in the last 24 hours at the national level, something that caused an alert, since it is the highest percentage since August.

In this context, Dr. Sebastián Ugarte, who greeted Humberto Sichel, the host of the information space, in a special way: he used their two names.

“It is a pleasure to share with you Humberto Andrés again,” the head of the Critical Patients Unit of the Indisa Clinic made his entry.

However, when the specialist finished his first intervention, Sichel did not miss the particular greeting that the doctor gave him.

“Hey doctor, Humberto Andrés told me, you know they didn’t say that to me … nor did my mother, from the school days, that they didn’t tell me by both names,” Toti Sichel emphasized, laughing, which generated the same reaction in Ugarte .

Finally, Sichel, while in the study, laughed at the relaxed dialogue “When they challenged me, they said so, perhaps.”

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