Hundreds of Colón fans have already booked accommodation in Santiago del Estero

Colón fans are preparing for a new adventure with the team of their loves. On Friday, December 17, Eduardo Domínguez’s team will play the Champions Trophy final against the 2021 Professional League champion (the current tournament).

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Hundreds of fans secured their place in the province of Santiago del Estero. “We already reserved”, confirmed several Sabaleros to Sin Gag. “We go from Wednesday 15 to a house that charges us $ 1000 per day each”they added.

Other fans booked since Thursday in downtown hotels in the city of Santiago del Estero while waiting for the game to be played on Friday afternoon.

Ticket Sales

So far there is nothing confirmed. “The tickets for the two fans will begin to be sold at the end of November or the first days of December,” they told Sin Mordaza from the organization.

The Champions Trophy

Colón was champion of the 2021 Professional League Cup and not only qualified for the 2022 Libertadores Cup but also awarded a place in the final of the Champions Trophy that will take place on December 17.

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The final that Sabalero will play for being Argentine champion will be in December at the stadium Sole Mother of Cities, from Santiago del Estero. “The date may vary”A reliable source from the AFA told Sin Mordaza.

The party in Santiago del Estero will have an audience present. Sin Gag spoke with officials of the province and they admitted that the match will be played with fans. “I don’t know if a full stadium or it will depend on the allowed capacity, everything will depend on the pandemic“An official from the Sports area of ​​the Province told Sin Mordaza.

Champions Trophy

The 2021 Champions Trophy, to be held between the 2021 LPF Cup Champion and the 2021 LPF Tournament Champion It will take place on December 17 at the Sole Mother of Cities Stadium, in Santiago del Estero.

It is worth remembering that for Colón it will be the third final in the last 2 years adding the 2019 South American Cup, against Independiente del Valle de Ecuador, the Professional League Cup, against Racing, and the one that will play at the end of the year against the winner of the next championship.

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