Hundreds of iPhones seized from stores in Brazil

After banning the sale of iPhones without chargers in the country, Brazilian authorities seized hundreds of iPhones from stores in the capital Brasília.

In September, before the release of the iPhone 14, the Brazilian government has banned Apple from selling its iPhones without a charger in the territory. The Cupertino firm had also received a fine of 2.36 million euros for shipping incomplete devices to Brazil. A month later, Brazil imposed a new fine of 19 million euros for social damages.

iPhone 14
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Despite the fines and the ban, Apple continued to sell its iPhones in Brazil, including the latest iPhone 14 whose Pro model we tested with the new Dynamic Island. Now, the Brazilian authorities have taken the next step. Hundreds of iPhones seized in stores in the capital Brasília.

Brazilian regulator ‘abusing its power’ by confiscating iPhones, judge says

According to a report by Tecnoblog, Procon-DF, which is the federal regulator in charge of consumer protection, seized ” hundreds of iPhones in different stores in Brasília “. The operation called ” Operation Discharge ” wanna force Apple to comply with local laws. Indeed, all seized iPhones were sold without a charger. For the Brazilian authorities, selling iPhones without an included charger is “ a deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers “.

The seized iPhones were being sold by Apple authorized resellers or telecommunications stores. Apple Brazil then asked the Brazilian regulator to allow iPhone sales pending the decision of the litigation. A spokesperson confirmed to Tecnoblog that iPhones are still being sold in Brazil at this time.

Until the final decision, Judge Diego Câmara Alves authorizes Apple to sell its iPhones. According to him, the Cupertino company is not not in violation of consumer law. He also claims that the Brazilian regulator ” abuse his power “. In any case, Apple thinks it will win the dispute because its customers ” know the different options for charging and connecting their devices “. However, it also seems that Apple wants to avoid new problems. The Siri Remote that ships with the next-generation Apple TV now comes without a cable to charge it. In Brazil, the new Apple TV 4K is however well delivered with a cable for the Siri Remote.

Source : 9to5Mac

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