Hundreds of whales found stranded off the Tasmanian coast

A total of 230 Whales pilot were found stranded on a Tasmanian beach. According to information shared by the Department of Natural Resources of the Australian island, at least half of the cetaceans are still alive and conservation organizations are working day and night to solve this issue.

The authorities noted that will try to save as many Whales possible, although they will have to define which ones are strong enough to survive this massive grounding. As for the carcasses, they will be taken out to sea in order to avoid attracting sharks to the areas and suffering the same fate.

“The most common cause for these events is a misadventure, they could have gone looking for food near the shore, there could have been food and possibly they got caught in a low tide”, Biologist Kris Carlyon told the Australian media outlet Mercury. Although it is the most popular theory about the situation in which these cetaceans find themselves, other possibilities are not ruled out, for the moment.

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