Husband killed wife with cobra snake

Indian Sooraj Kumar was arrested last year for the murder of his 25-year-old wife, who was found dead in the couple’s home in May 2020.

According to the indictment, Kumar left a starving cobra snake in bed at night. The wife is said to have been bitten, and died after the poisonous attack, writes BBC.

This was not the first time the husband had tried to kill his wife. Only weeks earlier, she had been bitten for the first time, but recovered from the first attack.

Sooraj Kumar, wearing a checkered shirt, pictured 13 October 2021. Photo: AFP / NTB

On Monday this week, Kumar was found guilty of the murder, and Indian police believe he is behind both snake bites.

The prosecution claimed during the trial that the commission of the murder was a rare case, and dropped a claim for the death penalty.

The accused ended up with a double life sentence and must pay compensation of about 55,960 Norwegian kroner.

According to Indian Livelaw This is the first time anyone in India has been found guilty of murder using a snake.

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