Hydrogen cars: the solution of the future?


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MP.Degorce, J JVan Hove, G. LeGoff, M.Bitton

France 2

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Hydrogen cars are gradually developing in France. Some taxis have already opted for this type of vehicle.

Several taxis have already been running on hydrogen for several years. Their drivers are full of praise for their subjects. “It is very comfortable and the fact of not polluting is even better. It is very quiet (…) very manoeuvrable, and you have the impression of being on a cushion of air”, rejoices Abdel Kerroua, the driver of one of these taxis from the Hype company.

Hype is the only hydrogen-powered taxi company in France. If the solution is ideal for the planet, it is still financially expensive: “For the moment it is more expensive, but that’s normal since we are at the very beginning of the sector. But we already know that the fact of increasing the volumes (…) will allow to lower costs “, explains Mathieu Gardies, the founder of Hype.

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