Hyundai stands out with the N Vision 74 hybrid concept

Hyundai, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, amazes with the concept NVision 74. The Auto Show was the first stop for this concept with an aggressive style that gives a little nod to US muscle cars, with which it combines retro-futuristic features. For this car, Hyundai engineers were inspired by a concept designed in 1974 by Giorgetto Giugiaro, which had the name of Pony Coupe. With the N Vision 74, the Korean company outlines its vision of the future of the electric sports brand No Performance.

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The N Vision 74 premiered in July and is part of that project the automaker calls “workshop on the go”. The concept is the successor to the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo a hydrogen which was presented in 2015.

Hyundai’s sports concept is a vehicle hydrogen fuel cell hybrid. These batteries are placed in the front of the car and are used to recharge the 62.4kWh battery pack, which is housed in the bottom of the car. The car is equipped with two independent motors, which together generate 670 HP of power (500kW) and 900 Nm of torque. The engines distribute power as needed, e it will be possible to manage the delivery according to the driving style desired, as can be deduced from the rendering showing the car drifting.

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The batteries can also be recharged using an EV charging port. While the hydrogen stack essentially functions as a generator, whose power is equal to 85kW. It takes 5 minutes to fill up the 4.2kg hydrogen tank, and the batteries are recharged using the 800V technology of Hyundai’s e-GMP platform.

Hyundai also lets it be known that thanks to the continuous research that it manages to carry out with these vehicles which are literally a moving laboratory, managed to develop new solutions for the problem of overheating. On this concept, for example, three independent cooling channels have been developed: one for the battery, one for the fuel cell and one for the engines.

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