– I am one of Norway’s best AWP players

It is ready for the midweek round in the Telialigaen. In the sixth round of the season, a treat between VOID and Apeks Rebels awaits us.

VOID comes to tonight’s showdown with a recent victory over Bitfix in the bag and is currently in joint fourth place, together with Wizards. The team has so far in the season delivered results as expected, and is on track to secure a place in the play-offs.

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The battle for third place

How to play the 6th round of the Telialigaen – Counter-Strike:

Oilers eSports – Metizport
Injury X – Foxed
777 – Bitfix
Vikings – Wizards
VOID – Apex Rebels

Apeks Rebels are currently in shared second place, together with 777. The team comes from a 1-2 loss against the league leaders in Skade X, and they also have the benefit of meeting 777 in the autumn’s league game.

It will therefore be an extremely important match for both teams who want to secure the upper hand in third place in the series, but not least secure a ticket to the play-offs at the end of October.

Watch the round’s main match between VOID and Apeks Rebels on NRK’s ​​LL35, Wednesday, at 19:00

– Can perform well no matter who we meet

When VOID met Bitfix in the previous round, there was a new addition to the squad. Genesis “envi” Crisostomo Reyes is in the heat at VOID, replacing Martin “Nasty” Garvik.

Reyes delivered good performances and was central to VOID’s victory against Bitfix. The 23-year-old has previously played for both Wizards and Foxed Gaming and is sure that he can maintain the good level also in tonight’s match against Apeks Rebels.

– The team we meet has nothing to say in my eyes. I know I can perform well no matter who we face. I am one of Norway’s best AWP players. Makes no secret of the fact that Apeks Rebels is stronger than Bitfix, but as I said, I know that my level is better than most AWP players in Norway, says a Crisostomo full of confidence.

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Permanent VOID player

The new VOID player does not hide that his ambitions are high, not only for his own team, but also for his own achievements. He also confirms to Gamer.no that he is replacing Martin “Nasty” Garvik on a permanent basis.

– VOID has a system that suits my playing style very well, and the chemistry in the team is very good.

This is how the table looks before tonight’s series round.

The Telia League

– I am a permanent Void player, and I am looking forward to showing Norway that we can shoot very hard, play good Counter-Strike and show that we can go far in international tournaments, concludes Criostomo.

Focused coach at the Rebels

At Apeks Rebels, we are talking to a focused Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg. The Dane who is the coach for the Rebels says that the match against Skade X went somewhat as expected, but that they are ready to beat VOID.

This is Apex Rebels

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– Yes, the match against SKADE X was difficult, but we knew it would be difficult to come away with the victory against them. Skade X have proven that they are the best team in Norway right now, and so it is up to us, 777, VOID, to see to it that they are knocked off the peg.

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The former Mousesports coach is optimistic about Apeks’ chances ahead of tonight’s game. He will nevertheless praise VOID’s game manager Johann “Saasinho” Saasen for good tactical assessments.

– I feel the chances are pretty good against VOID. They beat us last time we met in the qualifiers for Assembly Summer, in the battle for LAN play in Finland. I have watched their matches and think that “Saasinho” controls the game very well.

– It is clear from their demos that he has a good understanding of the game, and thinks about what signals he sends to his opponent. Hopefully he can also have a tendency to put himself out of the game, says Nyborg.

Led by Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg, Apeks Rebels aim for the playoffs again this autumn.

Joakim Riise/Good Game

No plans for replacements

Nyborg seems surprised that VOID has made team changes, but points out that it does not change anything for the team’s entry into the match.

– I actually didn’t know that they had made changes, but it doesn’t really mean much to us.

The coach tells Gamer.no that the rebels have not planned any team changes in the coming time.

– We have no plans to make any changes ourselves. At Apeks, we work based on strong values, and fight our way through the problems we encounter – together. All players, including myself as a coach, know what kind of industry this is. If we do not live up to the expectations and goals we have set ourselves, then of course there will be consequences and changes will have to be made.

– As a starting point, we believe in stability, and that results come from stable development. And development comes over time.

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Focus on own development, and anti-strategies?

The 32-year-old coach is quite clear about where the team’s focus lies before tonight’s game.

– We win the battle against VOID by really focusing on ourselves. We are still at a place in development where the focus is to relax more in official matches, and do more like we do in training matches. So while we’d like to get to the point where we want to create more anti-strategies, and analyze the opponent, we’re not quite ready to lock ourselves into that yet, are we? Everyone asks us about it, concludes Nyborg somewhat cryptically.

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