I am the state

With the agreement that declares all public works as national security, President López Obrador is giving the finishing touches to the institutions and concentrating on his person all the decisions of the public sector. The decree prevents officials from exercising control over public works, since if they do not approve them in five days, the Affirmative Ficta applies.

This decision is just one of others he has taken to weaken the institutions and run the government at will, regardless of the law of public administration.

His way of governing through commissions and not charges, is causing disorder within the government and delay in all government procedures. He left the organization of the parade in the hands of the director of the IMSS; the secretary of public security was in charge of vaccination on the northern border, the secretary of relations handles immigration control and worst of all, he has given the Army a series of responsibilities violating the law.

His conviction that the most important thing when making an appointment is honesty and closeness to him and not ability, has caused people without knowledge and experience to be in charge of secretariats of State and public bodies. If we add to this the decrease in salaries, the people who have joined the government have a very low level of preparation and no experience. López Obrador was a lousy student and as a result he does not value college preparation, academic degrees, and experience.

The dismantling of all trusts and the attack on independent bodies, which were created to reduce discretion in government decisions is another action that is concentrating power in his person. It took us many years to create them, so that several Morena legislators, who as opposition were promoters of them, now without giving any explanation and only because their boss decides to do so, want to disappear them.

The decentralization of government offices had been postponed, but now the president is pressuring various ministries to move their offices; you have to wait for the chaos that is going to occur, not only during the transfer, but when the federal government is dispersed throughout the country.

If to this we add the submission of public officials at all levels, but especially the secretaries of state and directors of public agencies, who do not have the courage to defend their institutions and question what they say, as well as the submission of the legislators and governors of Morena and the ministers appointed by him, the control of the State by the president is every day greater.

López Obrador can be a great politician, but he is a lousy administrator and if, to the submission of his subordinates, we add his authoritarianism and the concentration of power in his person, as well as his rejection of any questioning, every day he advances more in his objective I am from the state.

Mexican politician

From the court

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. A Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and head of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation (2009-2012).

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