"I can’t get over it": the victim of the homophobic aggression in Montgeron testifies

Questioned by TPMP, the young man explains that he no longer has any physical sequelae but remains traumatized by this assault that occurred two weeks ago.

Everything went very quickly for him. Victim at the end of September in Montgeron (Essonne) of a homophobic attack filmed and relayed on social networks, the young man confided for the first time this Wednesday evening. He first says he went out with his best friend from a grocery store when a dozen people stopped him for no reason.

His friend does not react to the individuals, the latter then attack the young man, treating him in particular as a “queer”.

“I took my best friend’s arm and we walked forward, they first grabbed me from behind, they threw me, they hit me”, says the young man on the set of TPMP, “my best friend stepped in and picked me up.”

“I thought I was going to die”

The two young people try to continue on their way but are caught by the gang: “they took me and hit my head against the fence, threw me to the ground, hit me, punched me, shots in the head, it was really horrible, and frankly it was free “, continues the young man who explains on the air not to be homosexual.

Hating on Yanis, the individuals return shortly after to attack him one last time.

“I thought I was going to die, very clearly, I couldn’t do anything, I was on the ground and I was screaming”, testifies the young victim who claims to owe her salvation only to the intervention of a mother family, “I thank her very much”.

“My life is over”

“They told me to walk well, not to walk like a queer,” he recounts, recounting having fled and returned to his mother, “I said nothing to anyone because I was afraid and shame”. The one who explains having had “pains and marks” did not want to talk about it, for fear of possible reprisals.

“I could not do anything, I was afraid”, continues the young man who announces to have no more physical consequences but remains very marked by the aggression, “I sleep really very little, I cannot manage to myself. put back […] all day long I am lying down I do not leave my house anymore, I am finished, my life is over “.

An investigation was opened Monday for violence “because of sexual orientation” by the parquet of Every-Courcouronnes.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV reporter

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