I didn’t think I’d say that, but: “We have too many good MMORPGs right now”

MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch loves MMORPGs and usually tries out every new game on the market. In 2021, however, he has the problem for the first time that he can hardly choose between the many titles. This is due on the one hand to the good further development of old games, but also to new releases.

What’s my problem There has been little movement in the MMORPG market in recent years. This gave me the time to look for old games, especially in 2019 and 2020:

But in the last few weeks it has happened again and again that my playing time is not enough to do justice to all the MMORPGs that I’m really looking for.

I know this is an absolute luxury issue. But after the long MMORPG lull since 2016, I never thought that I would ever have this problem.

New World eats up a lot of time, Bless Unleashed is a positive surprise

What am I most concerned with at the moment? I spent almost all of my last 100 hours in MMORPGs in New World. I used the time to create guides, to explore the world, to level and of course to fell trees and mine ores.

Because like my colleague Mark Sellner, I also think the background noise and the collecting in New World are simply great:

I’ve been playing MMORPGs without sound for 15 years – but that has changed with New World

My highlights at New World are – besides the great sound – above all the fighting system and the wars over fortresses. Currently, New World has me under its spell and is really fun.

By the way, I last farmed the Halloween event in Guild Wars 2 and try to do the daily quests there, started the latest season in Black Desert and completed the prologue for the new DLC Deadlands in ESO.

But my to-do list is much, much longer.

What else do I want to do? Actually, I had planned to start WoW Classic again in mid-June and really enjoy the new Burning Crusade expansion. I missed the original 2007 release and even had a guild that wanted to raid with me this year.

But personal reasons as well as the release of Swords of Legends Online, PSO2 New Genesis and Crowfall have thwarted this calculation. Even if none of the 3 games had a great success so far, I wanted to at least play each one to see how much potential there is.

Ironically, Bless Unleashed is my highlight after New World in 2021, which is due to the combat system and the world bosses.

I would also like to invest more time in Bless Unleashed. The MMORPG is my positive surprise from 2021, because I found it completely uninteresting in advance, but the combat system and the huge world bosses completely convinced me. Since the release of New World, Bless Unleashed has been lying completely flat with me.

Also in my backlog are the innovations at Neverwinter and Blade & Soul. Both have made major revisions in 2021, which I would like to see for myself, but which I haven’t gotten to and won’t come to for now.

Because with Elyon the next MMORPG starts on Sunday that I will definitely try out in order to be able to give an assessment here as well.

I also started a Let’s Play for Final Fantasy XIV at the end of 2020 to finally plunge deeper into this MMORPG. But this project is currently completely on hold.

Many extensions, revisions and new games enrich the MMORPGs

Why is there so much to do right now? From the point of view of MMORPG fans, 2021 was a really good year and even now has some highlights ready:

So if you love MMORPGs like me, you got your money’s worth this year.

Mortal Online 2 Bogen
In Mortal Online 2, PvP and the right aiming and blocking play an important role. At the beginning I failed badly.

The losers of 2021: Due to the many different innovations that 2021 brought MMORPG fans, in my opinion 2 games came under the wheels that had significantly more potential:

  • Swords of Legends Online wasn’t a groundbreaking game, but it would definitely have become an MMORPG in 2019 and 2020 that I would have worked my way into. The dungeons and raids in particular make a good impression.
  • Crowfall actually wanted to build a hardcore PvP community. But the release version was rather weak and attracted little attention. There are also better alternatives for PvP fans with Albion Online, Mortal Online 2, New World and even Elyon, at least in my opinion.

Retail WoW could also be described as the third loser of 2021. Here, many dissatisfied players have migrated to Final Fantasy XIV in 2021. The content drought and some design choices didn’t go down well.

What’s next in 2022? If I look to 2022 now, my problems with the time distribution won’t get any smaller anytime soon:

  • The new Guild Wars 2 expansion End of Dragons will be released in February and this is an absolute must for me. Here I will sink dozens of hours.
  • The release of Lost Ark, an MMORPG from Korea that is eagerly awaited in the West, is also planned for the beginning of 2022.
  • Project TL, an expensive MMORPG from Korea, and Corepunk could also celebrate their release in 2022.
  • In addition, there is guaranteed to be another expansion for ESO.

How did you experience the year 2021? Did you also have the problem that you couldn’t decide between the games? Or were you disappointed with all the new features? Please write it in the comments.

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