"I don’t know what will happen but…" : big rapprochement between Damien and Pauline in Married at first sight

Between Pauline and Damien, the chemistry is getting stronger and stronger. To the point that the young couple evokes, without pretense, their first night in Married at first sight.

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Like every Monday (or almost), M6 viewers have an appointment with Married at first sight. This week, they witnessed the preparations for Cyndie and Jauffreyat the discovery of Jennifer and Eddiebut also also reunion between Bruno and Alicia. Without forgetting Pauline and Damien. After saying “yes”, the two candidates experienced a funny situation: the car which was to take them from the place of the ceremony (in Gibraltar) to that of the dinner broke down. A funny sequence in which the two main concerned have decided to have fun.

A VERY tactile couple

Especially since this extended moment for two allowed a first physical rapprochement between our two newlyweds. “How about we make our first kiss on video?!“, thus launched Damien, while waiting for the situation to settle down. “He kisses well. He has a nice mouth. My heart is beating at 2000 an hour. It’s a nice meeting, he’s a handsome man. He attracts me, yes“, then confided Pauline to the cameras of the show. And to add: “I am comfortable. It is tactile. I like it because I am like that too. I look forward to going deeper.“After joining the guests, everyone notices the great closeness between our two lovebirds.”It seems to me that they are not holding hands, anywaye”, thus noted Didierthe father of the groom.

It’s very very hot

No wonder then that the couple is fusional during their first dance. “We were entwined. I feel like I’m in a bubble. I only see him. We made little kisses. Frankly, it is very very hot. I desire it and I can’t wait to discover it even more. I don’t think there’s anything stopping us anymore“, explained Pauline. “On the wedding night, we go to sleep together. We are husband and wife. Telling myself that I’m going to sleep with a stranger, I find it super exciting“, continued the bubbly 30-year-old with a big burst of laughter.I can already see myself sleeping with her, glued to each other. She was very tactile throughout the day. I don’t see why we wouldn’t hug, spent that first night together“, said Damien. And to continue: “We will discover each other. Maybe with our flaws, no one is perfect. We will continue our momentum. We’re on our little cloud, I don’t think we’ll come down tonight.”

Attentive, Damien helped his young wife to take off her wedding dress and take off her hair. A gesture that seduced Pauline. “I appreciate him touching my hair. I will let myself be carried“, she assured. “I feel like we want each other a little bit. So I don’t know what will happen but it could be the first real big connections, I think. We will see above all what she wants. It’s Madame, she has the choice of everything. We’ll see what will happen but I think there are things that will happen quite naturally.t”, launched the forties. Decidedly, these two were made to be together …

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