"I fight for them": the poignant message of Alain Delon against the war in Ukraine

Alain Delon comes out of retirement for a documentary where he takes a stand against the war in Ukraine and reads Ukrainian poems.

A year after his last public appearance in a long interview with Cyril Viguier for TV5 Monde, Alain Delon returns to the cameras to affirm his support for the Ukrainian people against Russia.

In a sequence broadcast Monday on the international French-speaking channel, the actor denounces the atrocities of the conflict: “What we are doing to Ukraine has deeply saddened and touched me, that’s why I am fighting for them”.

And to add: “Long live Ukraine!”

Alain Delon, 86, recorded on this occasion a special program on the Ukrainian poet Taras Chevtchenko, which has just been reissued by Seguier – and from which he read a few lines of a poem:

“When I am dead, put me / In the earth that serves as a grave / In the middle of the immense plain / In my beloved Ukraine / So that I see the endless fields / The Dnieper and its steep banks / And that I hear it roar / When the Dnieper will carry / Towards the blue sea, far from Ukraine / The blood of the enemy.”

This documentary will also see him reciting verses by a French poet, Tom BenoĆ®t: “And by the power of a word / I start my life over / I was born to know you / To name you / Freedom.”

In 2021, Alain Delon said he wanted to shoot a “last film”: “I want to make a film and especially to make my last film. The one that will remain forever. And after I can leave, I will have nothing left. else to do.”

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