"I had promised": a Renaissance deputy parades with elected RN to defend bullfighting

Patrick Vignal, parliamentarian from Hérault, defended the practice of bullfighting this Saturday alongside several representatives of the National Rally, a few days before the examination of a bill that wants to ban it.

A photo that the presidential majority would probably have done well without. MP Patrick Vignal (Renaissance) marched last Saturday alongside several elected RNs to defend bullfighting.

“I had promised to be by their side”, tweeted the parliamentarian from the Macronist Hérault.

An unlikely ban

This demonstration of “defense of traditions” of Provence and Languedoc which brought together several hundred people in the Gard also welcomed Julien Sanchez, the RN mayor of Beaucaire as well as Yohan Gilet, RN deputy for the department.

The socialist mayor of the town who hosted the event was present, as was an elected Nîmes representative from the Renaissance or even the senator LR, Laurent Burgoa.

The rally aimed to defend the bullfighting fight while a bill to ban it was tabled by the rebellious deputy Aymeric Caron. Examined next Thursday, however, it has little chance of being adopted, after the unfavorable opinion of the law commission.

On the menu of this day organized by the union of young people from Provence and Languedoc, there was a selection test for breeding bulls and two races, without killing.

“‘Finito’ the Republican Dam”

The presence of Patrick Vignal alongside elected RNs reacted on the benches of his opponents.

“‘Finito’ the Republican dam as the other would say: a Macronist deputy boasts alongside elected officials from the RN under the pretext of defending bullfighting. A thought for all the ‘macronists on the left'”, rebuked the deputy La France insoumise Nathalie Oziol, elected in the neighboring constituency of that of Patrick Vignal.

“Let’s stop humiliating the territories”

The criticism stung his political opponent who recalls having beaten the RN three times in the legislative elections.

“Let’s stop humiliating the territories with measures that are of no interest to anyone. We cannot leave the defense of our culture to the RN or let Parisian sores humiliate the people with this kind of ban”, defends the elected representative of Hérault with BFMTV.com.

Renaissance is deeply divided on whether to ban bullfighting. While Aurore Bergé had signed a platform in 2021 to put an end to this practice – when she was not yet group president – ​​the movement chose to leave the freedom to vote to its elected officials.

200 elected officials and politicians signed a pro-bullfighting platform on Saturday in the JDDincluding Christophe Castaner, the former boss of the Renaissance deputies, Jean-François Mattéi, who leads the Modem group in the National Assembly or even François Patriat, the number one of the Macronist group in the Senate.

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