I have been asleep for two weeks.- Eugenio Derbez

Mexico City (September 18, 2022).- Two weeks after it became known that Eugenio Derbez had an accident while playing virtual reality, the actor reappeared on Instagram to tell the details of his surgery and assured that he was sedated for days.

“Due to the severe pain they have had me sedated. The last two weeks I have practically been asleep. I have hardly picked up the cell phone, but I have checked the messages. Thank you all. I can’t answer everyone, but I do read them,” he said .

The CODA actor commented that he was in Georgia, United States, with his son Vadhir Derbez, who invited him to play virtual reality and he agreed. While playing, the actor tripped over an object that was on the ground and could not react, since he was still wearing the viewer and was confused.

“The moment I tripped, the virtual reality made me believe that I fell from the building. I don’t know what I moved and I tripped, I fell with all my weight on my elbow and I felt like the bone was pushed and that it came out There I knew that I had a very serious fracture, “he described.

During the transmission, Eugenio Derbez, with the help of his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, showed an X-ray image of his arm in which he assured that the doctors had to put 14 screws so that he could move it.

The actor commented that the doctors told him that the recovery will be slow, around 8 months to a year, so he assured that he will continue to rest until he recovers.

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