I have. mobile and Very mobile, the super offers are back for those arriving from other operators!

After having reported a series of occasions that have made it possible not to make you feel the lack of Amazon’s September deals, we inform you now of the return of the fantastic savings opportunities for those who intend change telephone operator, moving on to one that promises ridiculous costs not only for the first few months, but forever. In this regard, the current offers are of interest to virtual operators Ho. mobile e Very mobile, which rely respectively on the Vodafone and WindTre networks.

As regards Ho. mobile, you will be able to switch to an operator who offers you 50GB, unlimited minutes and SMS for only € 5.99 per month, with a meager SIM activation cost of € 0.99. If you are only interested in the voice plan, in some cases you can save another euro, but our advice is obviously to choose the complete plan, since with only 1 € more you will be able to surf up to 30Mb / s. In any case, the lowest price is guaranteed if you come from another virtual operator, such as Iliad or Poste Mobile, but the offers are also excellent for those coming from TIM, Vodafone or WindTre, with the latter having well 70GB per month.

In Mobile

Ho. mobile also offers excellent offers for those who want to activate a new number. In this case, the cost will be € 8.99 per month plus € 9.99 for activation and you will clearly have unlimited minutes and SMS, as well as 70GB per month, which can go up to 200GB. More or less the same goes for Very mobile, which however offers those coming from a virtual operator well 100GB per month at a cost of € 6.99, plus free activation.

In addition, until 20 September you can choose the plan with 200GB adding only 1 €. Very mobile it is also excellent for those who will activate a new number, since also in this case there will be no activation costs and the plan will only be € 5.99 for 50GB and € 7.99 for 100GB. In conclusion, Very mobile seems to be the most suitable for those who need a lot of gigs, but both guarantee excellent coverage and a reliable service, with zero surprises even after months.

Very Mobile

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