"I live day by day" : Stéphane Plaza posts a mysterious message on social networks

Stéphane Plaza, the most famous real estate agent in France, posted a mysterious message about his career and his private life on his Instagram account.

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Since his arrival on television in 2005, Stéphane Plaza has shared his experience as a real estate agent on M6 in the programs Search apartment or house and House for sale. Over the years, he has become an essential character on French television and was even elected for the third time in a row the favorite host of the French according to a poll by TVMagazine. But since October, Stéphane Plaza has cast doubt on his professional future by suggesting to his subscribers that he will soon focus on other projects: “Continue to be near me again before I fly away on another secret route.

I know now is the time to think of me

Stéphane Plaza posted a new message on his Instagram account yesterday in which he first shares with his subscribers that he feels better: “Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand myself and for people to understand me too… What I know today is that I’m starting to get better, to take care of myself. I see it in my reflection, my complexion is brighter, I look better.” Currently in theater with the play A magical couple alongside Jeanfi Janssens and Valérie Mairesse, he also seems to explain that he has come to the end of things: “Although I live at 100 an hour, and that those around me find it difficult to keep up with this frenetic pace, I know that deep down inside, I am reaching the end of my wishes and my desires. I had the chance to discover the world thanks to my work, to do incredible things, but I know that now is the time to think about me, my private life and to rest my head.

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I am careful not to make the same mistakes again and protect my heart.

I live from day to day, as if it were the last, I forget the past but I am careful not to make the same mistakes again and protect my heart.“said the 52-year-old real estate agent. The last sentences of this publication addressed to his admirers seem to confirm that the presenter wishes to take a new path soon: “I understood what happiness was while wiping away my tears, what the sun was like on a rainy day. I seal what makes me happy so that no one comes to steal my precious time to finish what I have undertaken… Time and patience are my allies, the more perilous the path, the more victorious the arrival.

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