“I only felt something warm in my belly that was the blood that ran”

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | 8:31 a.m.

A woman from the town of Arroyo del Medio was discharged after being hospitalized due to the serious stab wounds she suffered after getting off the bus shortly before midnight on Friday. For the attempted femicide, her ex-partner was arrested.

The victim was identified as Norma Inés L. (35) and the attacker as José Daniel L. (42). It was expected that the day before he would be transferred to the Court of Instruction Five of Leonardo N. Alem later.

The man was arrested after the fact and it was confirmed that he was intoxicated when he confessed to police investigators that he was the perpetrator of the attack. He gave three different versions and even stated that he defended himself from an initial attack.

It is along these lines that her judicial situation will depend on the evolution of the woman, according to sources linked to the investigation.

In the morning hours of yesterday, the victim was hospitalized in the general ward of the hospital and was undergoing a gradual recovery after having suffered serious injuries with what is presumed to have been a knife. Hours later she was discharged with outpatient treatments.

“In general, she is doing well,” said a source from the Leandro N. Alem hospital, who explained that due to the seriousness of the injuries, the woman had to receive surgical treatment “with infectious risks.”

In the first moments that he received medical assistance, the report stated that he was admitted to the hospital with a “3-centimeter sharp injury in the region of the left hypochondrium, being a penetrating wound with involvement of internal organs, requiring surgical treatment.”

“I asked him not to let me die”

“I traveled from the terminal to the entrance of the Inta. We got off at the bus stop and there he told me to check his cell phone and then I told him no, there was no need to check. So he asked me for mine and I didn’t want to give him up. That’s when he gave me a tape. I didn’t feel that he hit me, nothing. I only felt something hot in my belly, which was the blood that ran,” Norma told El Territorio.

“When I saw that he was losing blood, I threw myself at his feet and asked him to please help me. I asked him not to let me die, “he said and added:” He stopped a car that was crossing and we went to the hospital, he tried to call a remís, but he did not engage.

The attack occurred after 10 p.m. on Friday, minutes after the woman got off the interurban bus that took her to the Arroyo del Medio access.

At first, the woman told the police authorities that she herself managed to reveal that she was rebuked by a male on a motorcycle, who made a cut in the area of ​​her abdomen and quickly withdrew, unaware in which direction and the identity of the attacker.

In this context, informed of the seriousness of the situation, the investigators of the Regional Unit VI of Alem spoke with the man who accompanied the woman to the hospital in search of any information that would lead to the capture of the attacker and he ended up confessing that he was the couple.

In this context of confusion, Norma explained: “The Police went to the hospital on Saturday morning, but I was in therapy. I didn’t remember exactly what happened and I was afraid because I didn’t know if Dani was on the loose or if he was in jail”.

After undergoing surgery over the weekend, the woman was discharged yesterday and is currently recovering at a relative’s home.

“They discharged me because I had no more pain and I wanted to come. I don’t go home because I don’t have anyone there with me,” she said.

When asked about the police complaint, she assured: “I am not going to testify at the police station because I am seriously ill, I am at home improving, but I cannot catch any virus because I have no defenses.”

On the other hand, Norma’s father told this outlet that his daughter, at one point, told him that the person who injured her “was with his face covered, she did not know him. She called the ex and he arrived quickly, it seems that he was hiding and it seems that she told the police that it was him.

“That guy has to pay, he wanted to cut him in the throat. He cut her little string and the mark remained, he has a scratch, ”she asserted.

He added: “She was telling that they had to remove her guts to be able to clean. The doctor told her that for a second she was saved.

“I need help”

Norma mentioned to this morning newspaper that that day she was returning home from Posadas, where she had worked taking care of an elderly woman for three months.

In this regard, he assured: “I did not lose my job, what happens is that I cannot work because I was left like that after the operation. I’m going to need help because they removed my blood vessel and I’m not going to be able to work for a year around there”.

“I have a big operation on my belly, it’s three months of rest and two years of treatment with pills, I have to have injections every two months because of the vessel that was removed,” he explained and asked for help to cope with the unexpected situation.

three versions

It was before the investigators that José Daniel L. (42) began to contradict himself, giving three different versions: that the attacker had been a stranger who escaped on a motorcycle, that it was self-harm after a discussion he had with the victim and also admitted that he injured her but in a defense context after receiving an initial attack.

Regarding the first version, he explained that he was at his sister’s house in Picada Belgrano when he received a call from the victim, who told him that she had been attacked by a subject and that she needed urgent help at the bus stop located at the entrance to the town. , so he came to his aid.

Questioned more in depth -according to official information- he changed his statements stating that the afternoon of the day before he had had a telephone discussion with the victim and after he went to look for him at the bus stop, at night, she He tried to attack him and that’s why he defended himself.

He said that in this context the woman harmed herself with a knife to blame him and in this situation she asked for help from a motorist who was driving through the place, who took them to the hospital, but on the way she discarded the knife.

Finally, he stated, in a nervous state, that he had cut his partner at a time when he was defending himself from an attack. That was the third version.

Among so many disagreements in relation to his testimony, he ended up arrested and made available to the Investigating Court Five of Alem. Prior to that, he was subjected to a breathalyzer test that determined 2.04 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

They seized for expertise the shirt he was wearing, with several stains that are presumed to be the victim’s blood. Also his cell phone.

“Nothing ever happened before”

When asked about Daniel’s situation, as she named him, Norma assured “I don’t know anything because I came from the hospital today.”

In the context of the serious aggression, the woman commented that they met the man two years ago. “Three months ago he lived with me on weekends, he came to my house at night.”

“She began to live with me since I was working in bed in Posadas taking care of a grandmother. That day I came from my job in Posadas and he also came from work”. Regarding previous episodes and this last one, which culminated in putting her life in danger, Norma said: “That day he didn’t break my cell phone because I didn’t give it to him.” However, she stated: “Nothing ever happened before.”

to schedule
Norma provided her cell phone number to receive financial help, as she must take rest and, in this sense, will not be able to attend her job. In addition, she explained that she is currently at a relative’s house because she needs to receive assistance.

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