“I only have one crease, I’m sitting on it” – Désirée Nick shows her disco balls

Nick is in disco fever!

What needs to be said needs to be said. And there you are Germany’s sharpest tongue always at a good address. Rarely does the grand dame of composure, Désirée Nick (66), take over mince words. For this she has now defoliated.

With a lot of bling-bling and a lot of wow, “La Nick” poses naked. The most important places are covered by a few disco balls.

Désirée Nick has often flashed in the past. And now it proves: 66 is at least the new 50. But of course her good form is also the result of years of discipline. She dances ballet and does moderate exercise at home.

About the fear of getting older Désirée Nick said to BILD on the occasion of her 65th birthday last year: “I only have one wrinkle – and I’m sitting on it. Quite apart from that, like many other women, I have realistically faked many orgasms. I’ll be able to fake self-confidence there too. I really don’t know why people – and especially women – are afraid of getting older. Because now that I’m older, I know that 95 percent of the things you fear don’t happen at all.”

But “La Nick” prefers to be on stage. At the moment she is on the road with the piece “Mother Corsage – The Last Living Diseuse”. Instead of making bold advertisements for her performances in Berlin, she has now had herself photographed with the disco balls.

In the play, the cabaret artist slips into all the roles of the former Berlin diseuses. Dis… what? Spoken: DII—SÖ—SE. These are artists who perform songs and lyrics from the chanson. Marlene Dietrich was one of them, as was Hildegard Knef.

And Désirée Nick is probably one of the few women who still celebrate this show area.

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