«I put it in the suitcase …»: the adventures of Kathy Salosny and Ricky Martin at the Viña Festival

It was 1993, in a new edition of the Viña Festival, the TV host Kathy Salosny and the singer Ricky Martin sat together in front of the Quinta Vergara stage, to fulfill their mission as jurors of the contest.

Given the good vibes that were seen between the two, rumors began about a possible love affair. “We were the two jurors, we were together and we had the same curly hair, so obviously they wanted to speculate if there could be a romance,” she said in The 5 commandments (Channel 13) with Martín Cárcamo.

And it is that, in addition, both were seen together on more than one occasion in the city. Faced with that, to avoid gossip, she put the artist in the car’s suitcase, “because I had to take him out of the hotel, there was too many fans outside,” recalled the entertainer

“It was wonderful, he also lent himself to that, he loved that I did those crazy things,” she celebrated.

Go eat crazy

At that time, they were staying at the Sheraton Miramar, and she was hanging out with her chaperone, executive producer Verónica Saquel.

This is how Saquel also joined the group, which later also included the Panamanian singer El General, who made the song “Muévelo, muévelo” famous.

“We did very good teams El General, Ricky Martin, La Vero and I,” recalled Salosny. “Then the four of us went out to the Concón bites, up there, because I wanted Ricky to try the crazy ones … well, then he tried the crazy ones,” he joked.

Of course, it was still a problem how to avoid the fans.

—We were looking for all the ways to go out, and this kind of entertained him. At first it was in the back seat with a blanket over it, then we would do something different, I would put it in the trunk of the car, and that way we would do pure fun things.

And so “we were conquering each other,” she said, without going much deeper into that phrase.

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