& quot; I started to find out & quot;: this is how Karina La Princesita prepares to surprise her daughter in her 15 years

Karina The Little Princess He is going through a great time at work and maintains a low profile in the media. Despite being part of “Showmatch: The Academy”, he prefers to stay out of the scandals of reality. On the other hand, the famous one spends time raising her daughter, who will soon turn 15 years old.

In a recent note to “Relentless”, Karina The Little Princess He hinted that they are preparing with great joy and effort for the big day: “I noticed that the 15 were coming next year. He told me che, ma, did you see that the 15 were put together a year earlier? Well, I’m 14. Ah I started to find out“, cont the interpreter of “Lying Heart”.

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