"I sulk !" Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine embarrassed by a large saucepan in C à vous (VIDEO)

It is an archive that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine would have done well without. Singin’ on the set It’s up to you, the facilitator has drawn the mockery of his comrades.

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Good humor is often present in It’s up to you. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has a knack for creating a relaxed atmosphere on set. Since the resumption of the talk show on August 29, tasty sequences have already made the good times of France 5. To set the mood, the host of France 5 receives help from one of her columnists: Bertrand Chameroy. Arrived in September 2021 in the team, the comedian blows a breath of fresh air on the set. In his column ABC, he makes fun of political news like Yann Barthès. Every Friday, the 33-year-old devotes part of his column to the show’s team. Failures, teasing between columnists… Viewers invite themselves behind the scenes of the talk show. This Friday, September 23, it is a very embarrassing archive of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine that the public was able to discover. To the great misfortune of the main interested party!

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine sings loudly

Bertrand Chameroy’s magnetos are intransigent with the band of It’s up to you. This Friday, September 23, Babeth paid the price. While receiving Benjamin Biolay this week, the host tried to mumble the lyrics during the singer’s live performance. But the comedian’s cameras are everywhere! And we can see that the presenter has a hard time following. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine seems much more comfortable with titles from the 2000s. Sensuality by Axelle Red, the blunder expert no longer answers for anything! Thanks to the images of Bertrand Chameroy, we discover the fifty-year-old, boosted off the air, singing the Belgian artist’s hit at the top of her voice. “Do not forget the lyricsyou leave with the 100,000 euros directly“, laughs the columnist.

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“Me, I’m the mouth”

Back on set, the whole team has fun with this archive. “Me, I’m sulking, I’m sulking!“, let know Babeth, falsely upset. She, in fact, has tears in her eyes from having laughed. The 52-year-old journalist may be mortified, she does not hold it against her columnist. Quite simply because that she adores him! Last June, she announced on France Inter that he was staying in the band as he had won the hearts of the team. “Bertrand Chameroy is more than renewed, he has an absolute majority!“, she joked then. A decision that should not have surprised the faithful viewers of It’s up to youused to seeing Babeth hilarious during her columns!

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