“I want to leave, I know that it’s me or them here, but life itself is going to take its toll”

Friday, August 05, 2022 | 3:30 a.m.

A young man wounded by his ex-partner and two other people with a screwdriver, a bottle and a knife is out of danger after being hospitalized for a perforated lung in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Ramón Madariaga Hospital in Inns.

Through the account of the events, Maximiliano S. (24) assured El Territorio that the attack he suffered was to kill him and that Justice does not act accordingly.

That episode, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 16, was the one that made him decide to leave the province to “seek another life” and avoid future conflicts with the family of his former partner.

The wounds, even with the stitches visible, account for the violent event that occurred in the context of a supposed family barbecue with Celeste V., Pamela V. and her partner, on farm 159 in Posadas.

“It seems that everything was arranged, like it was a little bed because I didn’t want to go to my sister-in-law’s house where there was a party. Celeste told me ‘we are going to spend the day there, at my sister’s house’. She made my head straight and I didn’t want to go because I had already had problems with her sisters and her brothers, but she convinced me and we both went”.

Indeed, the meeting took place with a roast that he cooked himself. Later, according to the interviewee, other people joined in and, between alcoholic beverages, the dance began.

“I remember that we were dancing with some girls and she (her ex-partner) kind of got jealous, there was an argument and the girls left the place because they realized that the other one was upset and I told her: ‘I you’re rotten, always bard the times we share, I’m going to hell. And there she told me ‘let’s see if you’re going to leave’”, she recounted.

“There I turned around and there was the brother-in-law, the sister’s boyfriend, he was sitting with a bottle of Viñas de Alvear. When I open the gate, I take the first step and I heard a few steps behind me and when I wanted to look, boom! A bottle hit my head. There I half fell, but I got up quickly, when I was getting up I look back and Pamela, boom!, she sent me with a knife in the nose and the other stabbed me with the screwdriver”.

Maximiliano added that the knife that cut his nose was also aimed at his neck and that he was saved from a fatal cut because he ran his face. This cost him a few stitches on the chin.

“They wanted to turn me around, if I didn’t get out of my neck, I was going to fit in here and some little vein or something was going to cut for sure.”

The interviewee showed other scars from previous cuts made by the same person. “The first was the belly at the end of last year. We were both drinking, we argued for a while, he burst the bottle and sent me ”.

With a lamenting tone, he expressed: “They always spoke to me and told me ‘hey, look, you’re going to be sleeping and this chabona is going to kill you one day.’ She did me good head and I, asshole, came back. There was nothing he didn’t do for us to be okay.”

Maximiliano assured that the cut of the face was directed to the neck.

After the attack that morning, Maximiliano reported that there was a struggle from which he was able to flee. He walked for a few blocks until he reached his godmother’s house in farm 192. There they treated the wounds on his face and neck, but the stab wound on his back was seen the next day, when his relative realized that the The shirt was soaked in blood, in addition to the fact that the young man felt a lot of pain.

He was transferred to the Favaloro Hospital, where they made plates to verify his state of health, but it was after several days, according to his account, that they saw the seriousness of the condition after he was transferred by relatives because of difficulty breathing. There he was admitted to the Madariaga Hospital where he underwent surgery.

With the wounds in the process of healing, Maximiliano commented: “I’m recovering pretty quickly, I’m in pain, yes, but I just don’t give it a chance. I wash my wounds every day with white soap, but inside it is the issue, when I cough or hiccup it is very painful because it seems that it is not yet closed properly inside. His left lung was punctured,” he explained.

serious hospitalization

Maximiliano was hospitalized with a reserved prognosis in the ICU of the Ramón Madariaga Acute Hospital after having difficulty breathing.

According to the diagnosis of the medical report, the young man presented “history of a stab wound to the back, in the posterior axillary line at the level of the intercostal space with a history of hemoneurothorax with placement of a pleural drainage tube.”

He had to undergo emergency surgery with an “anterolateral thoracotomy”, without apparent decompensation due to the injury to the intercostal artery.

“I’m tired of quilombos”

Maximiliano commented to this medium that as a result of this event, which put his life on hold in addition to work as a bricklayer’s assistant, he decided to go to another province, near a relative, to work and seek other opportunities. He said that he is waiting for a procedure to take the initiative and go to that other destination.

“I just want to go because if I stay here, I know it’s me or it’s them, do you understand me? I don’t want to do clubbing, I say that up there there is someone who is looking at everything and that sooner or later life itself is going to take its toll. There are people who tell me ‘look what they did to you, we’re going to do evil to them’, and I don’t want to do evil to them. One, because she has boys, and another, because I just don’t want to, because I’m tired of quilombos and I want to take the stick and make my life. It’s the only thing I want”.

“I want to go and try to get the Justice to take care of it, but it seems that the Justice is not doing anything,” he asserted.

The complaint

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 20th, Maximiliano approached the Twelfth Police Station by his own means and reported the attack after having received medical assistance at the Favaloro Hospital. According to police sources, after the complaint was filed, Judge Juan Manuel Monte was informed of the events and ordered that a survey of the scene be carried out, that testimonial statements be received and that the health status of the injured young man continue to be monitored. . On the other hand, the investigation of the case was notified, prohibiting Celeste V. from approaching the victim.

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