I Wasn’t Ready To See Thor In A Swimsuit In Marvel’s Avengers Game

The video game Marvel’s Avengers added some very summery outfits to her characters. Yes, you can play as Thor in a bathing suit.

It’s summer and to put it mildly, it’s very, very hot. This observation also applies to video game superheroes. Marvel’s Avengers. As indicated gamer in an article published on August 2, 2022, three summer outfits are or will be added. They allow three characters – Black Widow, Thor and Iron Man – to wear less fabric, to sport a look a little more in tune with the period.

Concretely, Black Widow is in a bikini, Thor puts on a bathing boxer and Iron Man dares the shirt (without displaying his abs). In a tweet from July 27Square Enix states: The Black Widow outfit is available this week; those of Thor and Iron Man will be in the coming weeks. “For now, only these three superheroes seem concerned by this evolution of the wardrobe, while the cast of Marvel’s Avengers is, however, immense.

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers // Source: Square Enix

Who wants to see superheroes in swimsuits?

We still wonder what went through the minds of the developers at Crystal Dynamics when validating this idea. Who wants to see superheroes in swimsuits? And, above all, who wants to play such a scantily dressed character in a universe that does not lend itself to it at all? At best, it’s laughable. But there is probably a lot better to do. Marvel’s Avengers is full of outfits, but they are generally inherited from the comics to catch the eye of fans.

There’s nothing illogical about selling costumes in a virtual store, especially for a game service like Marvel’s Avengers (designed to receive regular updates). But we must not fall into caricature either. With these swimsuits without any justification other than the desire to be part of a seasonal trend, Crystal Dynamics desacralizes the figures of Marvel – and it is not at all positive.

Perhaps this initiative would go better if Marvel’s Avengers had not been missed. The solo mode is convincing, but the multiplayer part quickly discouraged players. Square Enix saw him as a counterpart to the MCU in video games, he ended up assuming failure. Worse, since the launch, the bad ideas have piled up, between the Spider-Man exclusive to the PlayStation consoles far from being convincing or the extension Black Panther not very shiny. In short, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix would have done better to abstain rather than inflict this sunny fashion show on us.

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