“I wear bikinis more often than other clothes”: Laura Müller inspires in a tight two-piece suit

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Laura Müller in a tight bikini. On Instagram, the influencer takes a deep look and reveals: Tight outfits are very popular with Michael Wendler’s wife.

Cape Coral, USA – Laura Müller revealingly on the high seas.. The influencer and better half of Michael Wendler has no problem offending in tight outfits. The 22-year-old recently proved this again when she photographed herself on Instagram in a tiny bikini. But it wasn’t just the hot two-piece that caused whispers. Because in addition, the former candidate of “Goodbye Germany” was carried away to a spicy confession.

Laura Müller in the bikini zone – influencer makes a spicy confession

On Instagram, the It-Girl shows herself at the wheel of a small motorboat on the high seas – including calm waves and bright sunshine. But hardly anyone should pay attention to the panorama in these sexy pictures. The Cape Coral, Fla. resident beauty poses in an ultra skimpy blue bikini that barely covers the essentials. The hair is worn open, blown in the wind.

Laura Müller on Instagram: Bikini pictures inspire her admirers. ©Instagram; Laura Mueller

As the scandal noodle revealed in the same Instagram post, she is currently completely in the bikini zone. Not because she particularly likes the fabric-poor two-piece suit, but because she is currently wearing little else than bikinis. “Currently more often in bikinis than in my other clothes,” it says. According to her spicy confession, fans of the 22-year-old can expect more revealing photos and videos.

Laura Müller’s TV career at a glance:

Laura Müller has already shown in several television productions that she can also be less revealing. Until she retired from the industry, she toured the German reality and show landscape. She was seen in the following formats, mostly in tandem with husband Michael Wendler:

2019: Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants | VOX

2019: The summer house of the stars – battle of the celebrity couples | RTL

2020: Wendler, Laura, Claudia – the DJ and the women | RTL

2020: Laura and the Wendler – totally in love with America | RTL

2020: Let’s Dance | RTL

2020: Pocher vs. Wendler – no more fun! | RTL

2020: Laura and the Wendler – Now we’re getting married! | RTL

Laura Müller: Tight bikini inspires admirers – Instagram trembles

The fact that Michael Wendler’s girlfriend has no problem staging and presenting her magnificent body in public is an open secret. Whether in tight swimwear by the pool, completely naked in Playboy or on OnlyFans: Laura Müller knows how to put a smile on the faces of her fans – or her husband. The Wendler was recently surprised with a token of love of a strange kind from Laura Müller.

More than 25,000 likes within 24 hours speak for themselves. Bikini pictures by the influencers are apparently still very popular. Laura Müller is probably just as aware of the effect she has on her fan base. The 22-year-old does not allow comments under the revealing photos. Did it get too hot for her then? Sources used: Instagram/Laura Mueller

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