I will never accept that I was drunk.- Minister

Mexico City.- After his arrest for allegedly driving while intoxicated, Javier Laynez, Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, accused that the Torreón Municipal Police detained him illegally last Saturday.

Laynez denied having been drunk, said he was never subjected to a breathalyzer, and explained that his family was required to pay 6,500 pesos in cash to let him go.

The Minister, who normally participated in the plenary session of the Court this Monday, issued a statement to clarify Saturday’s detention.

“I am not used to making clarifications or clarifications before the media or on social networks. However, allow me frankly, humbly and with absolute truth, to expose what happened on October 9, 2021 in Torreón, Coahuila.

“I never accepted or will accept that I was drunk. I just never had a chance to prove it,” Laynez clarified.

He affirmed that the arrest, which was carried out by an agent of the Torreón Municipal Police, was outside of any checkpoint or breathalyzer protocol and that he learned the day after that the uniformed man noted the infraction called: ‘untimely lane change’, to justify the detention.

The Minister said that he was never able to speak with a doctor, authority, judge, public prosecutor or a human rights representative.

“The next day, following the instructions they were given, my relatives made the payment of $ 6,500 pesos (” only in cash “). And despite the express request, they denied any receipt or receipt.

“I want to make it clear that I fully agree with the fight and the anti-alcohol operations. No one has the right to drive while intoxicated and this conduct must be severely punished. However, these operations must be subject to strict standards that avoid corruption and respect the human rights of citizens “, declared the Minister.

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