I will reverse veto Trump; It was a mistake: Musk

San Francisco.- Elon Musk will reverse the Twitter ban on former US President Donald Trump.

In a forum organized by the Financial Times (FT), Musk, CEO of Tesla and the next owner of Twitter, considered that the platform’s decision to ban Trump from accessing the social network was a mistake and stupid. .

“I think it was a bad decision. I think it wasn’t right to ban Donald Trump. I think it was a mistake,” he said during his speech at the Future of the Car conference.

The billionaire who agreed to acquire the company said Twitter was extremely foolish in kicking the former president out of the service, adding that permanent bans should be extremely rare.

Twitter banned Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill, citing the risk of more violence.

“Permanent bans only fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter as a public square where everyone can voice their opinion,” Musk said Tuesday.

Banning the former president from the service “didn’t end Trump’s voice,” Musk said. “He will amplify it among the right. That is why it is morally wrong and completely stupid.”

Trump has said he will not return to duty even if the ban is lifted. He is sponsoring his own social media company, called Truth Social.

Earlier it was reported that a top European Union (EU) official visited Musk in Texas and came away convinced that the billionaire will keep Twitter on the right side of lawmakers.

After meeting with Musk on Monday, Thierry Breton, the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner, said he and the Tesla chief agreed on everything. Musk said Twitter would comply with European Union content rules if it completes its takeover proposal, despite his plans to loosen restrictions on the network.

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