"I would return to Colo Colo for the players it has today"

Mathías Vidangossy has become one of the good surprises of this first round of the 2021 National Championship, scoring important goals and being fundamental in Deportes Melipilla.

We all know the talent of the U21 World Cup player and that today he is on the surface in Chilean football. In conversation with the Redgoleta de Redgol, the Melipilla player was asked if he would return to a great.

“If the possibility is given and with all that I am trying, it is obvious that I would like to go back to a great one”, expressed in the first instance the talented Chilean midfielder.

Colo Colo, U or UC? Here Mathías Vidangossy was clear. “I would return to Colo Colo because of the players it has today, a long time ago it was an unbalanced team and without going any further it fought not to descend, I am not hot in the sun, I like good football and long ago it was the Catholic University that I played better and today is Colo Colo, so I would return, “he explained.

Mathías Vidangossy in Colo Colo

Finally, the player from Deportes Melipilla gave his candidate for the title of the 2021 National Championship. “Because of how he is playing and because of the desire that they put my candidate for Champion is Colo Colo”, he sentenced.

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