ICBC Mall China: the successful experience of a winery in the Asian giant

Bodega Los Haroldos highlights the benefits of being part of the Argentine pavilion at ICBC Mall China and reaching 160 million consumers

Although the positioning of Argentine products in the thriving and attractive Asian markets presents great challenges, at present, local export companies have an interesting tool that works as a strategic bridge when doing business.

Is about ICBC Mall China, a marketplace that, since the end of 2020, has a pavilion dedicated exclusively to the sale of first-rate Argentine products and is consolidated as a solid marketing channel.

Through it, companies can complete the entire commercial and financial circuit, from end to end, and sell their products in the Chinese market simply and efficiently.

One of the Argentine companies that makes up this pavilion through which it channels and makes its exports grow is Los Haroldos Winery, a family business belonging to the Falasco family that has been in the Argentine market for more than 80 years.

Based on his experience in selling wines to the Asian market, Adrián Vollmer, the winery’s export manager, emphasizes that “there is a great difference between traditional platforms, wine bars, supermarkets or the same points of sale that each one of our distributors has, versus being part of a platform such as that of ICBC Mall China“.

The executive assures that it is a “very different channel, because today we all seek a convenience that is to make purchases through the cell phone or from our computers in our workplaces or our homes”, something that ICBC Mall China allows precisely.


Among other aspects, the great attraction of the Asian market lies in its size and high purchasing power. In fact today ICBC Mall China It has about 160 million registered users, of which more than 7 million make purchases on a monthly basis.

As Vollmer says, “in our case, we formed a very interesting alliance between the winery, the importer and the bank. ICBC, because the key to this is to be permanently generating attractions to consumers “.

In this sense, for example, the actions promoted by the bank for Malbec Day and for different events that are traditional in China stand out.

“The multiple ways of communicating has allowed us, in the first place, to enter a huge network of the largest bank in the world as ICBC and, little by little, step by step, strengthen the Argentine pavilion “, emphasizes the export manager of Bodega Los Haroldos.

This company is one of the pioneers in venturing into the Argentine pavilion, a kind of virtual window within the reach of Chinese consumers that shortens distances and makes sales more accessible for the bank’s exporting clients, whether they are large corporations or SMEs.

Based on their successful experience, the winery highlighted the intense work carried out to set up this platform. “We have been a group of wineries that are encouraged to accompany this process and that we have felt very accompanied by both the team of Argentine professionals and the team in China, which is constantly looking for and inviting the importer to look for new ways, to be able to introduce new products “, they emphasize.

In fact, the pavilion is increasingly diversified, so that today the Chinese consumer, in addition to wines, meats and an interesting variety of fish, also finds typical Argentine products such as Creole sauce or chimichurri, to name just a few examples.

It is, without a doubt, an important letter of introduction to enter such a thriving and interesting market, but which also entails multiple challenges. Is that the companies have the endorsement of the largest and most important bank in the world, added to the fact that ICBC carries out different activities to promote the Argentine pavilion, which means that they can position their products even more.

Thus, although the Chinese market may seem distant, with the different bridges it offers ICBC it becomes considerably closer and more accessible.

Positioned as the largest bank in China and with the great differential of this tool, ICBC It is, without a doubt, a natural business bridge and the only bank that brings Argentine products to the Asian giant nonstop.

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